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Litzen Guide Service was absolutely outstanding. I hunted the early season, with moose being my main objective. Michael did a great job of matching up guides to clients, based on client input, and I couldn't have been happier with his choice.  Jon Salgat was highly experienced and confident in his craft. Furthermore, he was a great conversationalist who went out of the way to make the hunt as comfortable as possible. The hunt absolutely was top notch. We saw many moose, but I knew immediately when the right one presented itself at 460 yards on the 8th morning. Jon skillfully combined bull grunts with bush raking using a shed antler to call this monster in for a 106 yard broadside shot. Our young packers were soon on the scene, and after photos, we made quick work of the meat and trophy. This amazing hunt represents the fulfillment of a bucket list item which I had been dreaming about for over five years. Thank you Michael and Jon!

John Combs

Michael thanks again for a great hunt. Truly you run the best outfit I have hunted with. Everything was spectacular. I could not have asked for a better hunt. I appreciate your professionalism and safety. All of my hunting buddies want to book hunts with you. I would highly recommend your operation to anyone.

Stuart Marshall

(208) 201-5609


I hunted with Mike in May of 2018. I was fortunate to be able to take 2 of my sons and a good friend with me. From the minute we stepped on the boat our expectations were exceeded. The first day we saw over 30-Brown Bears. I harvested my Bear on day 7 and my hunting partner did on day 8. Most incredible hunting experience of my lifetime. Headed back in 2020 to try it again. You won’t find anybody better in my opinion.

Paul Berman


Just completed another great hunt with Litzen Guide Services.  This moose/caribou hunt was my third hunt with Mike, he and his guides continue to provide quality, professional hunts and outstanding service.  I had the privilege of hunting with Jason, a long time guide with Mike.  Jason went above and beyond to make this a memorable and enjoyable hunt in this beautiful part of Alaska.

We got our moose early and then concentrated on a nice caribou, unfortunately, that caribou didn’t show up for the hunt.  However, Jason did forge a relationship of sorts with a particular wolf and on its third visit to camp, finally afforded us a shot even I could make!  All my hunts with Litzen Guide Services have left me with lifetime memories such as this one.  If you are looking for a quality Alaska hunt, I highly recommend Mike Litzen.

Ray Mahalick Squim, WA

(505) 980-4297

Mike, thank you very much for my bear hunt. In May 2018 I went on a coastal brown bear with Litzen Guide Service. My hunt was done from a boat. It was my third bear hunt in Alaska and first bear hunt from the boat. I did a goat hunt from the boat before.

So I can confirm that the hunt was well organized and accommodation on the boat was superb. I really felt pity for guys soaking rain in spike camps ashore. The couple who run the boat and the kitchen were extremely helpful and friendly. All Food was tasty and hearty. My guide Joel is a great character and very knowledgeable hunter. I was lucky to have great buddy hunters on board and it was a real pleasure to spent time together. And of course I'm absolutely happy with my great trophy bear.

So Mike, thank you very much for your efforts and commitment and only all the best for your company!

Best Wishes,

Timur Goriaev,

Surrey, Great Britain

I’ve been fortunate to hunt a variety of sheep around the world and here in North America.  My recent Dall sheep hunt with Litzen Guide Service was – like other sheep hunts, most memorable.  After an unsuccessful hunt in 2016 – I came home empty handed and disappointed.  That is part of free-range, fair chase sheep hunting and if you hunt long enough, it will likely happen sometime.  I returned in 2018 for another attempt.  On the second day I took a beautiful 11 year old, double-broomed ram with my handgun from 210 yards.  I have found Mike Litzen to be an honest, reputable outfitter with first class guides and equipment.  He is extremely well-organized and manages the area he hunts with sound wildlife conservation management goals.  I wouldn’t hesitate hunting with Litzen Guide Service again.  

Mark Hampton  

Summersville, MO

(573) 680-2955


Thank you for a most memorable and truly a dream come true experience.  As you know, this was my second hunt with you (2015 Fall Brown Bear and 2018 Spring Brown Bear).  Both hunts exceeded my expectations.  Although I was unsuccessful in 2015, I never thought once about not returning to fulfill my dream of taking a brown bear with Litzen Guide Service.  On both hunts, I saw numerous bears and was fortunate enough to have Jon Salgat as my guide for each hunt.  Jon is a very qualified individual who takes his clients safety and abilities into each aspect of the hunt.  You run a first class operation and your skills as a pilot are second to none.  You are very honest and a man of great integrity.  The equipment is first rate. I was treated exceptionally well by your whole staff.  All of the guides were safety conscience and dedicated to the success of the hunt.

I was blessed with a 9’6” Brown Bear on the third day. The hide was absolutely beautiful, not a rub on it. It will make a fine rug. 

I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone interested in fulfilling their dream of a true Alaskan adventure. Please feel free to add me to your list of references. 

Kind regards,

Dale E. Donaldson

Saint Clair Shores, MI

586-804-2321 from my iPhone

I had the privilege of hunting my first sheep with Mike Litzen and his guide Tony. I've hunted other species with other guides and I can say from multiple guided hunting experiences that Mike runs a top notch operation. I was super impressed with his communication and attention to detail before the hunt, something that often lacks in other outfitters! The transportation in and out of camp was great, as not only is Mike a great outfitter, he's a top notch pilot as well. As for my hunt, it was everything I expected and more, grueling packs, steep mountains, unpredictable Alaskan weather, and lots of sheep. I was blessed to harvest a very nice ram on the end of day 2! My guide Tony was a mountain goat/pack mule all in one. He was patient and helpful in every way. He helped me do more than I thought I could and made the trip very enjoyable for sure! Anybody wanting a top notch Dall sheep experience needs to look nowhere else! Thanks Mike and Tony!

Eli Johnson,

Hamilton MT

(406) 214-6255

“Mike runs a first class operation for multiple big game species in Alaska. My most recent hunt with Mike was a land based Brown bear hunt. We saw many different bears every day but just didn’t have an opportunity at the trophy bear I was looking for. Great guides, food, and operation as a whole, you can’t go wrong!”

Jason Carter

PO Box 2978

Cedar City, UT 84721


Litzen guide services ,made sure that I have a wonderful experience in my bear hunt ,Mr. Litzen and his team of guides are very knowledgeable of what they need to do to get you what you looking for I would not go with anybody else ,They can hunt as hard as you want or they can take it as easy as you need ,if you thinking in going to a bear hunt ,I recommend  that you do it in the boat , you will cover a lot of ground and see a lot more bears, I was lucky enough to be there in my birthday and I even have a birthday cake. These guys are amazing I would be going again when I have the opportunity!

Federico Perez

Lindon, UT

(801) 815-9255


Thank you for a successful and memorable 2018 spring bear hunt.  This was my second trip on the boat and 3rd hunt with you and as always you never disappoint.    You run a top notch guide service and I will always tell people you are the best in Alaska.  Thanks to you and all your guides who work hard to make sure the hunt is a memory.

Hopefully see you in South Dakota for a beer this Fall.


Joel Van Ravenswaay

Wheatfield, IN

(765) 490-6729

I had the opportunity to Michael Litzen on a ten-day brown bear hunt in May of 2018. The experience was one I will never forget. On the 5th day Michael put me on a very good bear. I told him that I wanted to pass and try for a monster. For the next 5 days we saw several extremely big bears but they zigged when we zagged. I have big game hunted for 53 years, and it was a true pleasure to hunt with Michael. I especially appreciated him respecting my decision to pass on nice bear that we did. All of the other guides were very friendly and experienced. The accommodation and food on the boat were excellent and I would highly recommend this hunt to anyone looking for a unique quality brown bear hunt.

Michael Flanagan

McCall, ID

208 867-6702

This was my third hunt with Litzen Guide Service and it seems to always leave me speechless for weeks. The scenery, wildlife, hospitality, and overall hunting experience have left a huge impact on my life and I will be forever grateful. Your guides are always prepared and willing to put in the hard work for your clients and make the hunt very enjoyable and successful. I was able to take this gorgeous 8 ½ year old ram on my 4th day of my hunt. Ron was an absolute blast to go up the mountain with and I truly enjoyed learning from his vast knowledge of sheep hunting.

Mike, thank you again for another first class experience on my sheep hunt this past fall. Your hospitality, experience, and dedication always make for a trip that we will cherish for years to come. I hope to see you soon for another hunt of a lifetime.

Andrew Palmer

Davenport, IA



Thank you. I do not know what else to say, but this was a hunt of a lifetime.  I booked a hunt for bear in 2019 and saw your moose and was able to fill in for a cancellation. Whoever cancelled really missed out.  Everything was well organized and a great time.  Shay, your guide was a lot of fun, like hunting with a friend.  He was also a great guide, calling the moose in just liked planned, what a thrilling experience. I want to hunt sheep in the future with both of you, as well as bear next fall.
I have no reservation recommending you to anyone.


John Smith



This was a once in a lifetime hunt, that I have done twice.  My first trip in 2016 for Dall and Grizzly, was amazing; professional staff with Brad Patterson and Brock, safe and thoughtful leadership from Mike and a hunting range without compare to anything I have seen before.  I missed my chance at a huge ram after seeing many throughout the week due to gun issues but was successful the very next day on a mammoth Grizzly.  I just couldn’t get past not getting a Dall, so I booked again with Mike for 2018 and what a hunt!  For 4 days we climbed and stalked three huge rams, but one stood out from the crowd.  I was lucky enough to have Brad as my guide again on this hunt and what a hunt.  He crafted a flawless stalk on my ram, amongst 13 other sheep.  In the end, a great game plan and a little luck had my ram close the distance from 600yds to <50yds.  My ram made the elusive 40” mark and my hunt of a lifetime was fulfilled.  The quality of the camp, the area, the guides, and the planes is unsurpassed in all my trips to Alaska.  I have gone on more than 10 hunts in Alaska and more than 20 fishing adventures, but you will not find a better run operation.  If an Alaska adventure in on your bucket list, which it should be, Mike Litzen and his team is the outfitter you want.  I’ll be back for Coastal Bears soon and might even try to put a second moose on the wall based on the caliber of animals seen. 

Bill Smith
Overland Park, KS

I have always dreamed about a moose hunt in Alaska.  I asked a friend who guided hunts in Alaska who he would recommend.   His top recommendation was Mike Litzen, Litzen Guide Service.   I am extremely happy I followed his advice.  The first time I talked to Mike he encouraged me to reach out to any of the references listed on his website.   Mike is not only dedicated to getting you the trophy of your choice, but he is committed to provide a quality hunt that you will always remember!  

I booked my 2018 Moose & Grizzly hunt with Mike and I was not disappointed!   From the time I met Mike in McGrath to the time I left, he and his guides were professional, friendly and willing to make my hunt memorable and an exciting experience.   Once we landed in basecamp, Mike had me hunting the next morning!    On the morning of the 3rd day, I had a 60 inch monster down!  

Anyone looking for an experienced guide who will do everything they can to make your hunt successful needs to call Mike!

Thanks again Mike for taking care of everything and making my Alaska hunting experience a dream come true!

Elmer Knockel
Rochester, Minnesota    
507 288-3077

I've been fortunate to have had several  "once in a lifetime" opportunities and my 2018 sheep hunt with Litzen Guide Service was by far the best.  After enduring our fair share of Alaskan wind and rain, I was fortunate to take a 9 year old heavy ram that far exceeded my expectations. I’ve never had as much fun being cold and wet as I did on this hunt. Shay was a great guide. His knowledge and experience in the area was a key piece of our success.

Mike’s operation is extremely well run and his planning and coordination is meticulous.  Mike did everything he could to work around the weather to get us into and out of the field. The entire team was friendly, welcoming and accommodating - truly first class.  I really enjoyed the brief moments in base camp before and after the hunt. Being in good company in such an amazing place made a great hunt even more memorable.  Thank you for a great experience and an awesome ram.

BJ Lemieux
Albany, MN

In my opinion 4 things make for A HUNT OF A LIFETIME:  a quality outfitter and guide, a game rich hunting area, great logistics and other outdoor experiences. Litzen Guide Service exceeds in all four of these areas. Mike kept the logistics running smoothly by providing supplies, piloting and generally meeting the needs of the hunter.  Jon Salgat was my guide and provided knowledge, experience and maintained a friendly, accommodating atmosphere all during the hunt. I can't say enough about the quantity and quality of game in the area. We saw abundant numbers of moose and caribou in the area I hunted. On the fifth day Jon called the trophy moose of a lifetime in from about 1/2 of a mile away, to within 150 yards for an easy shot for me.  Words cannot explain my satisfaction about this trophy moose; it may go in the record books. We then turned our attention to hunting caribou. When things hit a lull Jon would make a cow call and the moose would come trotting in. He probably called in 9 moose. On the seventh day he called one in from about 600 yards away to within 16 yards of us. This one was definitely a shooter and had both of our hearts beating fast. On the eight day Jon spotted a grey wolf about 400 yards out circling the moose carcass. Somehow he got me in position for a 200 yard shot that I missed.  All of these experiences/things I have mentioned made for A HUNT OF A LIFETIME for me. Can't say enough good things about Litzen Guide Service. Thank you and I am looking forward to another HUNT OF A LIFETIME with Mike and Jon.

Ronald Joe Robinson
Cleburne, Texas



Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

I hunted with Mike Litzen and his guide staff during the 2017 Coastal Brown Bear hunt. It was the 10-day hunt staying on the 67 foot Spirit. The accommodations on the boat were very comfortable and the food and crew were excellent. All of Mike’s guides were great guys and I enjoyed all of them. I actually hunted with Mike himself and enjoyed him as well. He is a very experienced PH and I learned a lot from hunting with him. I did get my bear and was very happy to do so as I had not hunted dangerous game previously. All of the guides were very professional and safety conscious during the entire hunt. I would very much recommend to hunters that Litzen Guide Service is a high quality experience with a group of experienced professionals’.   

George Milligan, Des Moines, Iowa
(515) 229-0004

It was a once in a life-time hunt and amazing adventure.  As a repeat client (coastal Brown Bear in 2013), Litzen Guide Service once again under promised and over delivered….I cannot thank Mike and his Team enough for putting me in place to take a 41 ½ X 40 9/16 trophy Dall sheep!   After watching this monster sheep for 7 days and not being able to get close enough for a shot due to wind, weather,  and location, my guide (Brad Patterson) and packer (Cole) got me in position to take a successful 200 yard shot. 

Mike maintains his pristine area by limiting hunting pressure on the animals and thus affords his clients the opportunity to take trophy-caliber sheep.   He and his hard-working guides know the area and are able to think ahead of the animals to place the hunter in a prime location to take harvest the animal. After 30+ years in the business there are no signs of Mike or his team slowing down anytime soon.  

While I have hunted with several other outfits in Alaska and throughout the world, they all pale in comparison to how Mike treats his clients.  Whatever the question, I have found that he is always honest and upfront with what the client can expect to ensure a most memorable experience.  If you are thinking about an Alaskan hunting adventure, Mike is the outfitter you want!

I am already planning my next trip with Mike and his outstanding team!

William Alex
Papillion, NE
402-884-0041 (H)       360-551-0653 (C)

I received Litzen Guide Service’s name from a referral from a fishing guide while silver fishing in Alaska in 2015.  He informed me that Mike ran a first class operation and boy, was he right.

I could not book my hunt until 2017 for Mike was totally booked until then.  In speaking with Mike on the phone he asked what I expected from my hunt.  I informed Mike I was looking for the full experience of an active Alaskan Hunt and if I would happen to shoot a Moose or Caribou it would just be a bonus.  Mike made it a point to inform me the better shape I’m in for the hunt the better experience I would have.  I’m glad I took his advice and prepared for this hunt. 

Once again Mike did not fail.  My guide, Shay, was exceptional and well experienced in the field.   With Shay’s help, I was able to stalk and shoot a beautiful moose as well as a caribou.   Both stalks were not easy, but it was definitely something I was looking for. 

I thank Mike and Shay for a trip of a lifetime which resulted in a successful hunt, as well as an experience that I will never forget!

Dan Guerin        
Minot, ME
Cell 207 415 3940

Mike Litzen & Crew:                     

I’d like to thank you for another great hunt, this was my 6th time hunting with you and like all the other hunts everything was perfect. You and your crew were well prepared and had everything ready to go.  After 6 hunts with you, and Jason Reinalda as my guide, we have become friends and whether I get an animal or not it’s always fun.  This hunt was for the last animal I needed from your central Alaska camp, as I’ve killed Dall sheep, caribou and grizzly with you and Jason. 

I was after a trophy moose, like one over 60” and on day 6 of the hunt Jason spotted this monster 68” bull with perfect points.  The next day as we were taking a lunch break in camp a pack of 6 wolves passed by and I was fortunate to get 2 wolves.  Talk about a dream come true.   Well thanks again Mike for everything,  and I’ll see you, Jason and crew in Sand Point May 22, 2018 for another try at a mature brown bear.


Mike Frings

Tulare, CA

559 901-6427



Thanks Mike for making dreams come true.

From the first time I spoke with Mike at Litzen Guide service, I could tell it was top notch and that feeling never left me. Mike was very open and up front on what to expect and what was required on my end. I, like most, had lots of questions and Mike was quick to respond back to them. Upon arriving at base camp and seeing his operation I knew I was in good hands. The hunt went pretty much as planned -logistics were great, quality of rams was great, and the reward was great. There were no surprises or unexpected details. Be prepared to work hard and you’ll be rewarded. I would recommend Mike Litzen to anybody.

Aaron Bronson
Select Engineering Services

Hi Mike,

Thanks again for a truly memorable hunt. It was a pleasure to finally meet you after years of planning.

To finally harvest a Moose on the 8th day of the hunt was an intensely emotional experience. Brad, (your excellent guide ) kept me in the game and did an excellent job throughout the hunt. 

Shooting my trophy caribou on the last day of the hunt capped off an incredible 10 days. 

Your dedication and attention to detail truly made this a hunt of lifetime.

I hope to be back soon to hunt with you.

Thanks Again

Barry Gleiberman

Los Angeles, CA 90039
Ph : (323) 660-7511
Fax: (323) 661-7504


This was my third hunt with Litzen Guide Service (I did a Moose and a Coastal Brown bear hunt before).    This year I was able to get a real nice bull on the first morning.   I also saw a sow Grizzly with her two cubs a few days later.  Originally my son was going to be in another camp hunting Moose & Grizzly.    But since I got my moose so early, he ended up being in the same camp as me.   He ended up getting a Moose and a Grizzly bear.   

During my 2010 Moose hunt, I never had to wear my rain gear once.    But this year was different, we had several days of rain and high winds.   I want to thank my guide Cole and I also want to thank George Taylor (my previous Moose & Brown bear guide) for cooking and helping in camp.  I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service for anyone wanting to hunt in Alaska.

Klaus Leidenfrost     Missouri 
(573) 465-0040

My 2017 sheep hunt with Litzen Guide Service was one of the most challenging and fulfilling hunts of my life.  Mike runs one of the most professional outfits I’ve ever hunted with and I cannot recommend him highly enough.  If you are going to make the commitment to an Alaskan Dall ram, you should trust Mike’s experience and results.  I was fortunate to kill a very mature 37” double broken ram on opening morning.  I simply could not have asked for a better outfitter and guide and will remember this hunt for the rest of my life.  Thank you Mike and Ron!

Robert F. Glass
Glass & Robson, LLC
Glenridge Highlands One
5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 550
Atlanta, GA 30342

Litzen Guide Service is the most professional team I’ve ever hunted with. Mike has great camps, great food and great experienced guides that work hard to get you in a great position with always keeping your safety a priority. I have recommended Mike Litzen to 5 of my buddies and I’m sure they will all try to book.

Thanks for a great hunting experience.

Best regards,

Mark Bell

Lincoln Nebraska





I just wanted to thank you and your team for an outstanding experience on my recent Dall Sheep Hunt.  This is my third time hunting with you and it keeps getting better. It’s my humble opinion that hunting in Alaska is the epitome of hunting in North America; it is what is left of what is pure and real.  These hunts for me have always challenged me physically and mentally and make me appreciate the little things in life.  You can learn a lot of about yourself and the power of the mind. You can find yourself in some tough situations where you must carry your wit and not let pain or fear overcome you. It makes the experience that much more rewarding even when you are not successful and to me that is what it’s all about.  Thank you again for providing the experience and the friendship.  I hope to see you in the near future for a moose hunt.  A special thanks to Tony Marchini -you have a true passion for sheep hunting and I want to thank you for sharing that with me. I appreciate your hard work and positive attitude.  Thanks again Litzen Guide Service for an outstanding hunting experience and all of your hard work.

Best Regards,   Frank Spencer III

Cell  915.269.0767

I booked a 2017 Moose Grizzly Hunt with Mike,  and this was going to be my first Alaskan adventure. Mike had helped arrange all the details etc. I arrived in base camp and departed to the hunting camp the same day. Mike is running a first class operation and every detail is taken care of and thought out well in advance. John Salgat was my guide for this experience, and what a great guy! We harvested the 63” bull on the 7th day. What an experience! In addition we had an opportunity on a wolf but I kind of screwed that up.  LOL.

I had such a great experience that I booked a Sheep combo hunt with Mike and Crew for 2018. I can’t wait to get back. 

Thanks, Shayne Babich | CEO | Logan | Member of DGI

1000 Blasingame Road | PO Box 1408 | Hempstead Texas 77445 | United States of America

Tel: +1 713-849-2979 | Mob: +1 713-805-8790 |

Mike, Please find attached picture of my trophy caribou I was blessed to harvest while on my 4th trip to Alaska with Litzen Guide Service. Every year I think it cannot get any better, but for 4 years in a row it has. To get to spend 10 days in the wilderness of Alaska in the best hunting in Alaska with guys like Joel Doner (my guide) is something that will stay with me forever. Feels like it was just yesterday that I booked my first hunt with you for Brown Bear. With Joel being my guide I was able to harvest a 9’ bear. Trip number two the next year I got a full curl Dall Sheep. Trip number three a 65” Yukon Moose and then on trip number 4, I shot a trophy barren ground Caribou. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect that, 4 for 4 is definitely not bad. Mike, All your guides are friends and your main camp cook has even been to my farm in south Arkansas to hunt and will be coming back soon.  I cannot thank you enough for the job you and your staff does to make sure all your hunters have the very best chance for success. You guys are the best in Alaska. I will be bringing my son back next to let him experience the beauty of Alaska with Mike Litzen Outfitters. Please tell all the guys hello. My wife and I are coming back this summer to spend two weeks sight seeing and fishing and will make it a point to come visit. Maybe you can take her up in the Super Cub. Hope you are having great success with brown bear hunting. Look forward to seeing some pictures. Use me as a reference anytime. See you this summer!

Joe R. Wilson, CAI      Wilson Real Estate Auctioneers, Inc.
929 Airport Road
Hot Springs, AR 71913
1-877-243-2289 Toll Free
1-501-624-1825 Office
1-501-624-3473 Fax
1-501-622-8140 Cell

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Max Leidenfrost


Grizzly Bear

In October of 2017 I went on a coastal brown bear with Litzen Guide Service. My hunt was done from a boat. Accommodations were great as well as the food. All personal were first rate. They were, to a man, friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely hard working.  Owing to factors out of our control (mainly huge amounts of bear food in the form of fish), I didn't take a bear. Seems the large boars were fat and lazy and hard to find. I did see lots of bears though, sometimes 12- 15 a day. I would definitely recommend Litzen Guide Service. In fact, I am going back for the spring hunt.

Bob Cockrill
Casa Grande, AZ

Thank you again for a once-in-a-lifetime hunt! Mike Litzen Guide Service and his crew were everything I expected and more.

This was a combo moose/caribou hunt. On my 3rd day, I shot a fabulous caribou. Jason, my guide, and I saw moose 7 out of the 10 days we hunted, but they weren’t close enough or of legal size to harvest. On the 6th day, a nice black bear showed up close to camp. As we couldn’t close the deal on a moose, on the last afternoon, I harvested that almost 7 foot black bear!

I can no longer call this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Mike and Jason – I am coming back!

George Murdock

Bassett, Nebraska


I was fortunate enough to be a replacement hunter on the Fall 2017 Brown Bear Boat based hunt after a friend was forced to cancel.  Mike and his guides were very professional, dedicated and concerned with everyone’s well being.  The ship’s Captain’s were very professional, always ready to help and far exceeded any expectations I had before the trip.  I had the pleasure of hunting with his guide Don and could not have asked for a better guide to share the trip and experience with.  I was able to take a nice boar in the final minutes of light on the last evening of hunting, it truly was the perfect way to end such a great trip.  Even without the bear this was one of the most amazing adventures I have been on and Mike and his guys really made the trip that much more enjoyable.  Since returning I have booked a Dall Sheep hunt with Mike and can’t wait for my next Alaskan adventure with Mike and his guides.  I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service for anyone wanting a Brown Bear Hunt or any other Alaskan adventure.

Andy Gibson
Breckenridge, CO

Thanks Mike and crew for an amazing hunt.

This was my first sheep hunt and I was a little nervous about choosing who to hunt with.

I had a bad experience in the past with an outfitter and didn't want to do that again. From the time I first talked to Mike he was very professional and straight forward, never over selling the hunt. Mike is extremely organized and very business oriented and is all about customer service, his attention to detail shows in his airplanes and in his camp. 

Mikes guides that I met were all top notch; you couldn't find a better group of guys. The hunt was everything Mike said it was going to be and then some. I can't say enough great things about Mike and the crew and I will recommend every one I come in contact with looking for a Dall sheep to hunt with him. Thanks again for everything Mike this is truly the best guided hunt I have ever been on.


Sal Piazza
208 818-5788

Mike and all Staff,

I personally want to thank you and Brad for guiding my 2017 Dall sheep hunt.  It was an outstanding and unforgettable experience and hopefully will have the chance to do it again one day.  The services and information you provided from the first call to the flight out of base camp heading home were very professional and informative which made the trip stress free.  On the mountain Mr. Brad the sub guide was just what I expected based on our conversations.  He has a wealth of knowledge about the sheep and the habitat they live in which gives the hunter the greatest chance for opportunity and success.  We ended up killing a ram that was “EXACTLY” what I was after and Brad was willing to go much further in difficult terrain to get the job done even though there were legal rams a lot closer and in easier terrain.  Lastly the fresh cooked Dall sheep roast in base camp was exceptionally wonderful as with each and every bite since then.  I am looking forward to returning in 2020 with my son to go after the Yukon moose and share the Alaska experience with him.

Cheers to you and all of your staff!

Robert Van
Reno, NV


          Not very many hunts will exceed your dreams, my moose hunt with you and Jon Salgat as my guide (and good friend), was beyond anything I could have imagined.    After winning a brown bear hunt with you in 2013, I told you that I wanted to go on a moose hunt.  Four years later, all my dreams became a reality.  After four days of passing legal bulls every day, I finally filled my lifelong dream of killing an Alaskan moose.  Two days later we stalked and killed a nice black bear.

          For the past 18 years I have been a guide in New Mexico and currently run an outfitting business in Kansas.  I have never been on a hunt that has exceeded what I have experienced with you.  You and the guides do an exceptional job!  The travel, camps, and hunt itself is well organized and ran very professionally.  Your attention to detail makes it truly a hunt of a lifetime!! I hope to see you again soon!

Scott Hoard
Courtland, KS

Words cannot describe the professionalism and knowledge of Litzen Guide Service.  In March 2017, I was the lucky winner of a Litzen Dall Sheep Hunt at the Montana Wild Sheep Foundation's annual banquet.  After my initial disbelief and excitement subsided, the nerves and worry of the unknown set in.  I had never hunted in Alaska; I had never been on a guided hunt and knew nothing about the outfitter. Thankfully, my fears and anxiety were completely unwarranted.

Mike heads up an amazing guide outfit.  Mike's attention to detail, meticulous airplanes, combined with his hunting knowledge, super cub piloting skills and overall planning logistics made my hunt an amazing experience, from start to finish. And a bonus, Mike and his team shared my extreme passion for the outdoors and enthusiasm for the mountain experience.

My hunt started with a super cub flight with Mike to spike camp.  Guide Tony M. and packer Brock were waiting at camp and welcomed me to the mountain. It was Tony's first year guiding sheep hunters, but you would never know it. Tony's years of experience hunting sheep for himself and with friends, combined with his patience for all my questions regarding the Alaska backcountry made him a great fit for me. It didn't hurt that he was a fellow "sheep nut".  Brock never backed down from a challenge, kept us going with his positive attitude and was an all-round great guy from my home state of Idaho.  By the time the hunting began, the three of us were just buddies going hunting. 

From the start of the hunt, we were glassing sheep until I found the one. I was fortunate to harvest a mature heavy double broomed ram with lots of dream come true! None of this would have been possible without the Litzen Guide Service.  The entire team earned my respect and admiration.  If and when my next Alaska adventure comes, Mike Litzen will be at the top of my list.  Even though I won the hunt, I could not have hand-picked a better guide team.  Thanks Mike, Tony, Brock and the rest of the crew. 

Matt Martin
Great Falls, MT
(406) 788-0762


This was my first trip with Litzen Guide Service as a hunter. In 2015 I went along as a non-hunter on my Dad’s brown bear hunt. The original plan for this trip had my Dad and I in different camps a few miles from each other but since my Dad was successful on his first day Mike decided to put me into the same camp and bring my guide over there. The camp was comfortable and located in a beautiful area with abundant wildlife. I was lucky enough to get my first grizzly bear on the 4th morning and my first moose on the 8th afternoon. It was an experience that I will always treasure and I can’t wait to go back.

I want to thank Mike running such a great operation and my guide Shay for all the hard work making this an experience of a lifetime. I also want to thank Cole for the help packing meat. Lastly I want to thank MSG for the help around camp and the great conversation and many laughs.

I would highly recommend the Lizten Guide service to anyone considering a hunting trip to Alaska.

Max Leidenfrost - Idaho




Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

This was my first hunt with Litzen Guide Service and it was a great experience.  We glassed two nice grizzlies on the eve of the opener as well as a couple bulls--one of which was a trophy.   We couldn't locate the bears the next day but my guide, Shay, and I stretched our legs quite a bit playing cat and mouse with that big bull for a couple of days before he decided to head for parts unknown.  On day four I spotted a tremendous solitary bull caribou that we agreed was too good to not go after and, after a long stalk, Shay put me right on top of him. Precious hunting time was saved thanks to Mike flying in a packer who had an adventure of his own while being socked in for an extra day.  Shay and I were able to continue hunting for moose and we saw a lot of nice bulls--one absolute monarch.  But on day 9 Shay spotted a grizzly up high above the mountain valley. We made the climb but were unable to locate him after tiptoeing around for a few hours, so we dropped back down to focus on moose.  As soon as we reached the bottom we spotted the bear again.  So back up we went. On the second stalk were able to find him--a big old boar--and that ended my hunt:  Two beautiful animals.  Shay worked really hard for me. My thanks to Mike, Shay and the rest of the crew.  It was a great hunting adventure.

Brian Tessin        Charlotte, NC         Cell (989) 948-0200

Litzen Guide Service, specifically Mike Litzen and John Salgat in my case, provided the setting for a great Alaskan moose hunting experience in 2016.  The camps were well thought out with respect to location and access to the prime hunting locations, and Mike was very well organized in moving hunters, guides, gear, and supplies from base camp to the different hunting camps, maximizing hunting time in the field.  I did not harvest the moose until day 9 of a 10 day hunt, but John never wavered in his enthusiasm and dedication to helping me succeed in the harvesting of a trophy of a lifetime.  Success required patience, spike camp relocation, Alaskan air drops of supplies, and some good fortune with the temperamental weather.  Whether it was stories to pass the time while glassing, history lessons while fighting through alders and ‘shin tangle’, or competition to find the best tasting patch of blueberries, John Salgat went above and beyond to provide a complete experience.  I would be remiss however, if I did not mention that once the trophy was harvested, thank god for the young packers!  All of the people I met that were associated with or worked for Mike were top shelf and made me feel as a part of their ‘group’.  I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service and with some good fortune, will return myself someday.

Fred Bronnenberg       Cody, Wyoming 2016      (307) 351-7387


My 2016 hunt with you was one to remember. The moose and caribou that I got exceeded my expectations.

Your attention to detail and organization is why it’s easy to recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone looking to hunt Alaska.

I would like to thank Jason Reinalda my guide for all the hard work and effort he put forth. He’s a great person and I enjoyed my time with him.

Again thanks for providing a successful Alaskan Adventure. Hopefully someday I can return.

Patrick J. McLeod
Groathouse Construction, Inc.
Cody, Wyoming
Cell 307-431-1828

I have recently returned home from my second Alaska hunt with Litzen Guide Service in 2016. It has been my pleasure to have had 2 successful hunts (Caribou and Moose) with Mike and his staff. The Moose hunt this year turned out to be quite memorable. My guide George Taylor (MSG) made an extraordinary effort to make my hunt a success. I cannot thank him enough for his efforts. If you are considering booking an Alaska hunt, please do not hesitate to give Mike Litzen a call. Mike and his entire crew will make every possible effort to provide a safe, successful hunt. They are simply top notch in all respects.

Bill Young
Bendena, KS  66008
PH: 785-988-4428

Litzen Guide service helped me achieve a boyhood dream.  My guide Brad was both experienced and professional, but most importantly great company. The country is breathtaking, the level of service from Mike and his crew exemplary, and all of the support Mike has arranged from others is above expectations. Simply put I am grateful I was referred in Mike’s direction and anyone seeking to achieve their dream of hunting for Dall sheep will certainly enhance their experience through the services provided by Litzen Guide Service. I hope to return to Alaska in a few years to achieve another dream of taking a Caribou and Grizzly: Litzen Guide service will definitely be the outfitter of choice!

Chris Sundstrom
Vancouver WA
(360) 904-5644

Dear Mike,

I want to thank you for the really “killer” Alaskan Brown Bear hunt.  You and all of your guides were extremely knowledgeable and professional.  As you know it has been quite some time since my last hunt (20 years), and it showed on day one when I couldn’t spot a bear at 600 yards.  However; by day three I spotted a monster Brown Bear at well over a mile.  Joel and I pursued and at 1500 feet above sea level, brought the big boy down with three quick shots from my Blaser Jaeger R8 375 H&H magnum.  As you know the Blaser R8 has a really fast slide bolt action. 

My Bear was well over 10 feet and the skull is a Boone and Crocket 27 & 0/16ths inches qualifying it for trophy status in the Boone and Crocket Club .  The taxidermist you recommended was also awesome to work with, and I cannot wait to get my full body mounted bear back!

I’m looking forward to my next hunt with you and your team.  It will probably be a Dall Sheep hunt.  Oh did I mention the crew?  Both Ross and Chris were great captains, who could really serve up the chow along with an entertaining story or two at the same time.

Again many thanks and see you soon!!


James Shosh (Kennesaw GA)

Kennesaw, GA (678) 516-2854


"Thank you for the hard work and paying attention to every detail to make this hunt fantastic. From the great food at base camp, the great guiding/calling of Shay, the unbelievable beauty of the land, and Michael's expert flying, there is no better place to hunt Alaskan moose than with Litzen Guide Service. This year's hunt proved the weather in Alaska can be challenging, but Michael's preparation was there. We saw over a dozen bull moose, multiple Dall rams, ptarmigan, caribou and two grizzly bears.  Shay is the best guide I have ever met and his moose calling was vital to our success. 

I can’t wait to return and again feel the challenge of hunting Alaskan game with Shay and flying with Michael. Thanks again for another wonderful hunt and the camaraderie of your camp."

Mackenzie Hunt

(575) 973-5172

Broadview, New Mexico


I wanted to say big thanks again for another great hunt. All 4 of my hunts over the last several years have been incredible experiences! From the nice caribou to the huge moose, followed by the B&C coastal brown bear and finally the dall sheep. I couldn’t have asked for better guides and service. Hoping one day I can do it all over again with my bow.

Take care and keep up the fantastic work,

Matt Struttman

Columbia MO

(573) 999-4719

Dear Mike Litzen,

Thank you very much for doing everything in your power to make my hunt the experience of a lifetime.  You, your guides, and boat captains are some of the best people I've met. Intelligent, safe, generous, hardworking, courteous, and fun loving are few words I would use to describe you people. Congratulations on finding and retaining such a wonderful staff.

To my guides Don (Fall 2015) and Kurt (Spring 2016) a special thank you. You are the reason these hunts are so memorable. Being in a land as beautiful as Alaska, and being able to share it with men like you has truly been an honor.

Thank you to some of the other guides I met: Joel, Ben, John, Howard for helping everyone. Your team effort attitude is truly appreciated. Also, thanks to the captains: Chris and Ross. Your vast knowledge of seamanship, wildlife, fishing, cuisine, and storytelling added tremendously to the whole experience. And finally, thank you to the other hunters I met: Ted, Frank, Tony, Mike, Matt, and Danny. We should feel blessed to have experienced a trip so wonderful, and sharing it with guys that have the same passion is awesome.

For you hunters considering an experience in Alaska, look no further than Litzen's Guide Service. Become part of the brotherhood and make some friendships for life. And, for those of you who need a big bear to accentuate the whole experience, don’t worry because this is the Mecca of large brown bears.

Pete Kolaric

Willoughby Hills, OH (440) 448-5590

Mike and Staff

What an amazing adventure with you again. This being my third trip with you and once again. One AMAZING ADVENTURE. After spending 8 days in the Alaskan wilderness. Sleeping in a cold sleeping bag and eating freeze dried food in a bag and walking miles every day and to end the way it did, could not have been better. Seeing moose and caribou every day and the grizzly chasing the moose is memories I will never forget. On the morning of the 7th day, Brad Patterson my guide was excited and never gave up on me. We were rewarded with a 65" trophy moose. (A moose of a life time). I realized that day that not only Brad but everyone at Mike Litzen Outfitters wanted that moose as bad as I did. You fly to check on us every day. Dropping us care packages on those cold days and Brad and I giving you something back I'm sure you will never forget. 9' Brown bear, Full curl Dall sheep and now a 65" Yukon Alaskan moose PRICELESS. Thanks to your packers and Tom for the great meals at your main camp. All this added together equal one AMUSING adventure. My hunting partner Bobby Brown taking a great moose with his bow is icing on the cake. The best part about all of this is meeting and making friends for life. If you are reading this and have not booked your dream hunt with someone else, stop looking. No one in Alaska does it better than Mike Litzen

Joe R. Wilson, CAI
Wilson Real Estate Auctioneers, Inc.
929 Airport Road
Hot Springs, AR 71913
1-877-243-2289 Toll Free
1-501-622-8140 Cell


RE: 2016 Spring Bear Hunt

Thank you and your Team once again for a memorable hunt. I had the opportunity to hunt with you in the Fall of 2015 and this Spring Hunt was nothing short of my first hunt. As before my guide and I hunted hard and long, we were patient and when the time came we made a quick decision and never looked back. The stalk was fast and physically demanding but we took advantage of an opportunity and it worked in our favor. Specials thanks to Ben Thimons for reacting quick and being knowledgeable of the area; he lead me right to where that bear was going to be. Mike, my family has hunted with you for many years and has a deep respect for you and your business thank you for allowing me to be a part of that and I look forward to future hunts with you and your Team. Will see you in 2017 for my Dall Sheep Hunt!

Frank Spencer III
1200 Wyoming Ave. El Paso, TX 79902
July 13, 2016


I would like to thank you and your great crew for an awesome Dall sheep hunt. Your organizational and piloting skills are unmatched. My time spent with Ron Heidemann on the mountain will never be forgotten. I look at the ram we took every day and the memories flood back. I look forward to hunting with Litzen Guide Service again in the future.

Marc Rue

Fargo, ND


To Mike and Family

I have done 2 unsuccessful hunts with Mike and that's just hunting. Mike and his guides went far above their duty to find animals. I have been on a lot of hunts and Mike is a first class guy and runs a top notch show. His word is better than a contract. That said I’m looking forward to hunting with him again in 2018. (And a beer in South Dakota come pheasant season).

Thanks my friend

Joel Van Ravenswaay
(765) 490-6729
Wheatfield In.


This moose hunt was my second hunt with Mike Litzen, the first been brown bear.   I’ve hunted with three other outfitters and no one comes close to the service, coordination, effort put forth and hospitality Mike and his staff and guides provide.  Everything was coordinated well in advance of my hunt which provided me and the other 4 hunters a strong sense of security and comfort.  We talked several times on the phone to make certain all my questions were answered.  When we arrived in base camp we were greeted by a friendly staff and started preparations right away to get to our hunting sites.  I saw at least 10 different bull moose during my hunt and probably an additional 10 to 20 during my flights to and from our spike camps.  I would highly recommend Mike Litzen to anyone wanting the experience of a lifetime hunting moose or bears in the beautiful wilds of Alaska.  Not sure that I got to thank you Mike for a wonderful experience as we rushed to catch flights ahead of the strong winds heading to camp.  Thank you and Thanks to Jon for being an excellent guide. 

Mike Dennis
Metamora, IL

Mike - I wanted to thank you again for the incredible hunt that Matt and I had.  You and your team exceeded every expectation we had coming in to Alaska!  Your focus on safety, professionalism, and your outstanding equipment sets Litzen Guide Service apart from all others.  From the time we landed in camp there was a sense of urgency with everyone involved to ensure we had an incredible experience.  Your operation truly sets a standard that all other should be judged by.

I can't say enough about our hunt.  We definitely hunted hard but were constantly kept positive by Shay that we would connect on the ram of my dreams.  Train hard, shoot every chance you get, and be prepared to accept what Mother Nature throws at you.  Taking this ram was truly icing on the cake.  The experience you provided alone made our trip.  We hope to be back in your camp many times in the years to come.  Don't worry, two rednecks can provide all of the entertainment ya'll need!  YeeeeYeeeee!

9 Year Old Ram    14.5" Bases       37" Long
Jess Foshee   San Antonio, TX   (281) 898-8092

Dream Hunt of a lifetime

It wouldn’t be farfetched to say a big part of my heart and soul lives in Alaska; its unbounded beauty and sheer mass never ceases to amaze me.   Mike Litzen and his team makes this experience, no matter how my times, a trip of a lifetime each and every time.  Whether you’re hunting magnificent Dall sheep, Trophy Yukon/Alaska Moose or Caribou in his interior camps or experiencing the huge coastal brown bears on the peninsula – it’s a checklist trip of a lifetime.  I’ve been fortunate to do them all.   Truth be told, I would like to be buried there!

The Coastal Brown stands out (well maybe not the Dall sheep – that’s rocks!!!)

I have hunted bears before with varied success – that’s bear hunting.   The Litzen crew makes it worthwhile to come back and finish unfinished business.   Mike’s territory is amazing to say the least.  The habitat, salmon streams and denning environment makes it ideal for Monster Bears.  This is exactly what we encountered with Mike.  After my guide Joel Doner spotted a “suspect” from the comfort of the 65’ boat we began our strategy to come ashore and put a hunt on this bear.  After an awesome hike and stalk it all came together.  The wind was perfect,  105 yards away from bear of a lifetime.  The .375 answered the call with an opportunity to notch my tag on a record 10' 6" Monster.

Ted Kruzan, Ankeny, IA
(515) 490-7511


It was busy when we said our good byes.  So I wanted to again thank you for a trip of a lifetime.  I feel truly blessed to have had the opportunity to hunt for these amazing animals.

Your camp, guides and equipment were all first class.  I really enjoyed having Brad as my guide.  He really knew his animals and did a great job for me.  Would hunt with him anytime.

Weather was unbelievable and the sites were incredible in spike camp and base camp. 

Quality and quantity of sheep was over the top.  You have done an excellent job in managing your animals.

Pat Obrien
Otsego MN
612 669-7911


Just wanted to sincerely thank you for the experience of a lifetime.  An Alaskan adventure that I could have only dreamed about previously.  My Archery quest for a Yukon Moose started in 2014.  After researching thoroughly and checking with many of your past hunters like Joe Wilson from my hometown of Hot Springs, AR I knew that Litzen's Guide Service was the best choice for me.  Every detail was so well planned out that I really appreciated all the preparation that went into a first class experience.  My 2016 Archery Moose trip with your group was the best hunting expedition that I have ever taken.  Your guide Jason Reinalda was a true Alaskan expert guide.  All your staff was amazing taking the time to make sure that every need and expectation was taken care of.  From your Head Chef Thom Clay sending out special goodies to our spike camp to your other guides Shay & packers Brock from Salmon, ID everyone went overboard to make me feel at home.  A special treat was flying the Alaskan bush in your Cub and the scenery of Denali Mountain.  Beautiful country.  I can't wait to come back and go after Sheep and Brown Bear with your crew.  Thanks for everything.  Please tell anyone to call me if they ever need to know who the best guide service in Alaska is.

All my best,

Bobby E. Brown, Jr.    Hot Springs, AR      (501) 282-8593

Our recent Coastal Brown Bear Hunt was an amazing trip.  I always wanted to hunt a coastal brown bear so this was a "Bucket List" trip for a 73 year old man. The trip lived up to my expectations and was even better than I expected.  I chose the boat trip instead of a land camp because my wife wanted to accompany me on the trip.   The accommodations were excellent, the food was great, the staff was very helpful and our guide was very knowledgeable.  Everything went smoothly and I would recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone making a coastal brown bear hunt.

Bill Hough Gulfport MS
(228) 861-6950

Mike, I would like to personally thank you for guiding me on my first spring brown bear hunt.  Your attention to detail and the client is nothing I have ever experienced and is second to none.  I can tell guiding is a passion for you not just a hobby.  Your knowledge of the surroundings, on a normal year would have put us in exactly the right spots to harvest a trophy of a lifetime but Mother Nature did not cooperate.  The willingness to go the extra mile, literally to harvest a brown bear really showed me you wanted me to come home with a trophy.  Let me add, the accommodations were very comfortable.  The Captain and crew was a fun, lively bunch of guys that even though the hunting was slow they made sure we were having a good time.  That’s what I like to see in a hunt, good natured, fun loving people!  Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing you in the future.

Derek Herrema

Fair Oaks, IN

(219) 477-8190




Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for the sheep hunt, I am very proud of finally realizing my lifelong dream of taking a mature ram. I’ve started with a Dall, and will continue with trying for the other three sheep. I’ve hunted in Alaska several times and killed Moose and black bear in the past, and have tried for Caribou and Grizzly (none of which was with you). I would not hesitate to book any hunt with you in the future. I greatly appreciated your flying abilities, logistics and general preparedness once I arrived in camp. I would recommend your hunt to anyone and would be glad to speak to anyone as a reference. I thoroughly enjoyed the country in which I hunted, one day seeing and having at least 40 sheep within 300 yards was icing on the cake. Thank you again. Sincerely,

Jason Baldwin , Chicago, IL (312) 316-7484


Thank you Litzen Guide Service. You have met or exceeded all of my expectations on this hunt of a life time.  Will be back soon for sheep and bear.

Chris Podesto,
Lodi CA
(209) 483-0689



I just wanted to thank you again for my Alaskan Dall sheep hunt.  I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream.  You run a great camp and have a really great group of guides.  Brad is a real asset to your company and I appreciate the effort he put forth in helping me kill my ram.  I truly believe he was as excited if not more so than I was, when I finally dropped that sheep.  The rest of your guides made me feel like part of the gang after I returned back to base camp.  Everything was top notch and it is clearly evident the pride you have for your business.  Best of luck in the future.  I hope to have a chance to hunt with you and your group again.
Thanks again for helping me live a dream.

Harvey Hummel,
Newton, NJ
(973) 222-0361


2015 Moose / Grizzly Hunt

It is with my highest praise that I recommend Litzen Guide Service.  I won my hunt in the “Huntin Fool” 2014 membership drive for moose and grizzly.   Huntin Fool works with the best guides and outfitters in the business and Mike Litzen is surely one of those.  Mike called me numerous times to make sure my questions were answered and put me in touch with my actual guide George Taylor.   George provided additional details about what to expect at his camp and was always available to answer questions and provide guidance.  I made arrangements with Mike for one of my sons to come along on the hunt so we were able to enjoy some father and son time together.  We had a wonderful time, took lots of pictures, saw numerous moose, called in several bulls, George was a great guide and the entire staff at Litzen Guide Service was great.  I am 64 years old and highly recommend Litzen Guide Service and his entire staff to anyone considering an Alaskan adventure. 

Good luck,

Dennis and Derek Wehling    Larkspur, Colorado  

(719) 488-6537


I just want to say Thank You for another memorable Alaskan Adventure.  With this being my third hunt with you and your team, its getting predictable to always receive  great service, great guides , great logistics and outstanding hunt areas with lots of game.  

With my trip being the last Sheep hunt of the year, and winter showing up early,  we had a bit of a challenge with the weather.  We were the last plane out of McGrath for three days and just made it to base camp. Regardless, we saw numerous sheep and seven grizzlies and two wolverines.  I harvested a great ram on day 6, passed on a Grizzly on day 7 and missed an opportunity on a wolverine. We spent the remaining time looking for a true trophy bear,  and we saw them- we made four different stalks on three bears but just couldn’t close the gap.  It was a truly thrilling and successful hunt.,  

I must compliment Brad on his expertise, experience and skills.  We had some rough weather, deep snow, high winds and lots of rain, and had a great time. Through all of that he never once balked,  he was a great, motivating hunt partner to have for 14 days. I hope I have the opportunity to hunt with him again.

Thank you again for the opportunity to hunt with you and your team, I look forward to my fourth hunt!

Ced Damby


I booked a Moose Combo hunt thru Mike Litzen for my 50th birthday.  I have to say it was the coldest, wettest, best hunt of my life.  We arrived on Sunday and saw a few moose and one almost ran into me as I hid by a bush.  My guide John did a fantastic job.  On the morning of my 50th birthday I was lying at the end of the runway and saw horns coming up the creek behind me.  I rushed down to John (who was watching the other side of the runway), grabbed him, and we sneaked down to the  Creek.  John said "its big and legal" and within a fraction of a second he was down.  That evening Mike Litzen flew in a pork sandwich, nachos, and German Chocolate for a birthday celebration.  It was truly amazing.

The morning we were ready to depart I spotted a giant caribou about a mile away.  I just started running in and out of the trees with my Guide close behind.  Within 20 minutes we cut off the angle of a heavy 400" Caribou and took a heavy breathing shot at 250 yards.  The first missed shot was quickly backed up by a nice shot.  We then packed him out, Mike picked us up, and we enjoyed a fantastic dinner, beer, and stories about the various hunts for that week.

I would recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone who wants the best of hospitality and hunting.  

Jack Kautz

Lodi, CA

(209) 483-5395


December 9, 2015 
RE: 2015 Fall Coastal Brown Bear Hunt

Mr. Litzen,

I don't know if my words will do justice on highlighting this amazing adventure on my first trip to Alaska on a fall brown bear hunt with you are your Team this year. This trip has truly left a lifelong impression that I will always cherish.
A special thanks to my guide Tony Marchini for guiding this hunt. Thank you for looking out for me and pushing hard to find that bear we named Mickey what a trophy he would have been, however we were unable to close the distance or even get an opportunity to make a play on him. You were always the first one out and the last one to put the spotting scope down as you never gave up hope on spot an evening bear. Your positive attitude and hard work ethic is impeccable. Thanks for pushing me through the difficult walks in the tundra and the muskeg and especially through the alders.  When you’re in the thick of those alders it definitely puts things in perspective.
I have never been tested to the extreme I was on this brown bear hunt.  It was awesome adventure and there was so many things that I learned from this experience.  Alaska for my friends that hunt is no joke its hunting and nature at its best. You are always at full alert while hunting brown. It was wet, and it was cold you would get dry and minutes later you were wet again and even colder than before however; there we were scanning the terrain in hopes of spotting that single bear. A few days we had winds over 35 mph where the rain, sleet would slap your face so hard your face went numb. It made me wonder why I expose myself to those conditions but within in seconds I was right back in the game and nature the mountains the hunt would take you to a solitude that only one can understand.
I saw bald eagles fly in front me and swoop down and pull salmon from the fresh water and eat on the sandbank. I saw salmon spawning and flapping there last breath as the low and high tide came and went. Moose crossing the open streams and caribou prancing quickly across the open country trying to make it to high country before the bears or wolves would spot them. I witnessed blankets of fog and rain cover the country side within minutes only to see the sun push through and then notice the reflections of the mountains bouncing off the lagoon we sat over. We had curious foxes come so close to us we could almost touch them. There were  so many other impactful experiences I had on this trip that I cannot wait to go back again.
Mike, thank you again for your attention to detail, your professionalism, your candor and most importantly I felt I left Alaska with new friends.  I truly appreciate the opportunity that you gave me to experience a trip of a lifetime.

Best Regards,

Frank Spencer III 
1200 Wyoming Ave.
El Paso, TX 7990
(915) 269-0767

Dear Mike,

Thank you very much for wonderful hunts with you and your team.

I enjoyed a 2009 successful caribou hunt with Ron.
I had a great 2012 successful moose hunt with Jon.
I next had a 2015 successful hunt with Ron.

Hunting Alaska with the untouched environment und wilderness is unique in the world. It’s especially enjoyable if there is a team like your team, with the spirit of fair chase hunting. It’s such an unbelievable pleasure to experience such a hunt. All three hunts were fantastic, but the last one was extra special with Ron on Dall sheep.

Every time I see photos or close my eyes I’m instantly back in Alaska – feeling the wind, sun, rain, snow, fog creeks, mountains and the smell of wilderness. It always gives me a feeling of joy and happiness.

Litzen Guide Service is the first place to look if you are a hunter who likes to hunt in a fair chase style, combined with physical challenge. I will come back, together with my family or with my friend Ralf.

“The way is the target”

Thank you very much for all you did for me.


Your friend Frank

Frank Broker, Germany



Well, after nearly two years of planning and shopping a successful moose hunt has come and gone. One thing is for certain, when scheduling flights listen to Mike because it snows, rains, blows or is foggy in Alaska daily or all in the same day. I was fortunate they all worked out but I see now where you can lose half of your hunt. You have to remember all of your moves are by planes, not like the lower 48. Mike’s flying ability and knowledge is impressive, and its a great feeling to be in such good hands. Wish I were there right now, just to fly and see all that scenery from the air.
My hunt was great! I saw moose every day even though I shot mine on the second day. The first day we saw a decent bull- legal.. but not what I wanted. Brad my guide should be called "MR MOOSE ". He called one away from a cow and he swam across the lake to see us. He ended up following us back to camp. Brad calls him Cyco.
The second day was rainy, cold,  and foggy and we didn't see much. It was quite miserable out so we crawled in our tents to warm up. So when you are pricing rain gear $$$$ buy the best! You can't afford not to up here. Also in our suggested supply list it says bring reading material which didn't make sense to me. But if the only place you have to get warm is your sleeping bag you could be in there all day in bad weather. My boots were wet from the first day till 3 days after I got home but my feet never were wet, it isn't fun pulling them on in the morning when there about 25 degrees.
Brad is a great cook he never burnt the water once. You eat freeze dried meals that require boiling water, actually they are not bad, maybe better than some of the restaurant  food in Anchorage. That was one of the only regrets- we couldn't cook the tender loins when I got the moose. There no fire or pan. Several of the days I had opportunity to take a caribou (which are beautiful, by the way) But couldn't get the green light on them they were always just a little small but looked huge to me. and on the last day we had a big grizzly on my carcass but we had bad wind so for 12 hrs we paced back and forth then decided we would drop in just after day break, but he was gone.
Overall I had a great hunt and a great experience in Alaska. But this is the real deal,  it's a nasty place and I see how people can die out here. If you’re not sure talk to Mike, he can tell you the way it is. "MR MOOSE". Brad Paterson is a great guide and person and I would recommend him highly and I sure did appreciate having him for a guide. Mike Litzen is a good outfitter and I would use Litzen Guide Service again in a minute and recommend as a great outfitter. That there the real deal and you can take it to the bank.

Jay Krystyniak Sterling MI, (989) 239-3060

This was my second hunt with LGS.  My son was also able to go along as a non-hunter.  I was able to hunt with my previous Guide George Taylor again, and Cole, one of the packers, helped out.  We lost 3 hunting days due to weather factors, including unfavorable wind directions.  I got a nice boar late on the seventh day.  Everyone said that they had a lot larger Salmon run than normal this year, so the big boars were probably up in the headwaters of the Salmon streams.

We were on a land based hunt and it was a wilderness adventure.  If you want all the luxuries and conveniences, this hunt is not for you.  My son and I had a great time! The  scenery on the Alaska Peninsula was fantastic plus we saw lots of different wildlife.  Everyone at LGS works hard to ensure that you have a great experience.  I would highly recommend LGS.  As a matter of fact, my son and I are both going on a moose/grizzly hunt with LGS in 2017.

Klaus Leidenfrost



After years of dreaming about hunting moose in Alaska, my husband researched and purchased a 10 day combo Moose and Grizzly Hunt for me.   I hunted the early season and was lucky enough to get Most Senior Guide George and his camp, which was more suited for me.  George was a super guide, host and made me very comfortable.

It was a difficult hunt, but I loved most every minute of it.  The mountains around our Camp received 4 ½ Ft. of snow before we got to camp, which made things a little more challenging.  Alaska is an unforgiving place.  Mike, George and Shay did everything possible to get me on a huge moose.  I harvested a 61 inch older bull on the 9th evening of my hunt.  I was so excited and thrilled with him.

It was a dream come true and trip of a lifetime!  I can’t thank Mike and his team enough for the special effort.   No grizzlies this time, maybe next!

Thanks bunches,
Dianna Stevens
Camp Verde , Az (928) 607-7677


 I'd like to thank you for another great hunt this year! This was my 4th time hunting with you and like all the other hunts you are well prepared, organized, and you get the job done.  This was also my 4th time having Jason Reinalda as my guide and he does a great job! We have become friends now and I'm looking forward to my spring 2016 brown bear hunt with you and also my 2017 moose hunt. Thanks again for everything.

Mike Frings

Tulare, Ca.

(559) 901-6427




I received a Grizzly Bear/Caribou hunt with Litzen Guide Service as a retirement gift from the company I worked for. Litzen did a great job preparing me for the hunt regarding gear. What they couldn’t prepare me for was the level of physical exertion and endurance that I lacked at age 67 after 45 years behind a desk. My guide (Jon Salgat) exhibited great patience and adjusted the hunt to my limited physical capabilities. It was a true Alaska hunting experience that resulted in a trophy Caribou and fantastic photos to share. Litzen Guide Service is obviously very experienced in organizing these hunts, has first-class staff and equipment and would be my choice for any future Alaska hunts.

Mike Langston
New Braumfels, TX
214 435-1788

September 2015 was the date of my very first Alaskan guided hunt.  After visiting with several outfitters I selected Litzen Guide Service to help me fulfill the dream of harvesting  a trophy Alaskan moose. 

  Arrival in base camp came a day late because of heavy  snow hitting the area prior to our arrival.  After a short repack at base camp, I was shuttled by Mike out to a spike camp where I met my guide, John.  I spent the next 9 days with him as my guide, searching for legal moose and caribou. 

  The first morning we spotted 2 immature bull moose 400 yds from the door of our tent.  For the next 9 days we maneuvered, crisscrossed, and waited for wind changes in the most spectacular hunting grounds I have ever been able to see.  We were in game rich area throughout the hunt.  We saw epic 70 inch moose (2 miles away) that we weren’t able to put on a successful stalk, often had the wind blowing the wrong way for us, but the right way for the moose; we had 24 hours of driving rain and 40-60 mph winds that kept us in the tent. We saw moose every day except for the day we were confined to the tent.  I realized fully on day 2 that this was no gimme.  We would have to do everything right, not take unreasonable risks, and we would need a little help from above.  We hunted hard, cursed the wind, glassed more than I ever had before, hiked and hustled across the tundra for nine days.  My guide and I agreed we would not pass up on day 2-8 what we would shoot on day 9 and 10.  Being from Texas, I do not see many moose or caribou from my blind so I was not a picky hunter.  I had the right gear, the right attitude, the right guide and the right outfitter but I didn’t get the moose or caribou.  My family was a little scared I would come home depressed in light of how much I talked about this hunt for the two and a half years prior to going.  However; I wasn’t depressed.  Here’s why:  This was by far the purest hunting experience I’d ever had, the tundra was in full Fall bloom, my guide was a pleasure to work with (and boy did he work!).  When the clouds parted which they did throughout the hunt I had a clear view of Denali peak, I drank water every day gathered from a beaver pond and boiled for our enjoyment (that one thing is pretty different from my previous Texas hunting), and I was reminded in the best way this was hunting with no guarantees while risks were minimized as much as possible.  Hunting in Alaska with Mike Litzen and his crew was the full cake.  Taking a trophy moose would’ve been the icing.  I admit I like icing along with the cake but the cake I had was incredible and someday I will take the risks, gear up for the challenges of weather and terrain and do it all over again, and I’ll call Mike to lead the way.

Matt Barnhill


Hey Mike, just got back to Florida with sheep and horns. This was the most unbelievable and awesome hunt I've ever been on. It tested every muscle in my body, and every emotion was showing from highs to lows and back again. I have to tell you Ron was the most positive guide I have ever used his knowledge of sheep hunting and mountaineering was far beyond anything I could have asked for. Ron talked me through every step of the way. He literally did on the last day coming down the mountain. The young man, Shay, who helped us out had a lot of knowledge himself for a young guy. He will make a great guide, don't let him get away. What started at 6am and ended at 11:30pm back at camp on day 5 gave me this beautiful ram. The climbing, the rain, the freezing cold, and the dangerous mountains was worth every second. thank you Ron, Shay, and Mike, I will never forget this hunt.

Alan Weitnauer
(904) 444-8571

As I said in 2013,  I couldn’t hardly wait for my youngest son Andrew to go on his Moose hunt in 2015. After bragging to my son how great hunting in Alaska is and how his brothers and myself have done, I was a little nervous, but that proved to be a waste of over thinking! This was the 7th hunt that I have booked thru Litzen Guide Services and have taken four of my sons.  It truly lived up to our expectations. It was everything Andrew and I could ever want in a hunt! The challenge of getting to the animals, your flying, weather, the terrain, food, everything made the hunt memorable. Especially our guide Jason. He is on top of details and his knowledge of hunting and stalking is superb. All of the hunts have been great and all of your guides have been the best.  I just can’t say enough about Litzen Guide Service!

Thanks again Mike. Looking forward to next year……

Dan Palmer



The tremendous amount of salmon still running into the rivers in Mid-Oct 2015 was highly unusual. What we originally thought would be an advantage, quickly turned into a disadvantage. The big nocturnal boars were already well layered in fat and easily gorging themselves  at night.  In normal years, bears have to work much harder, and feed during the day to put on the calories for hibernation. We were not seeing mature boars during daylight hours. The Litzen crew and we hunters were very frustrated, but we stayed positive and hunted hard. Even though I never had an opportunity on a bear this Fall, it gives me a great excuse to go back and hunt with a first class operation and awesome people.

Peter Kolaric
Wickliffe, OH
(440) 488-5590


This was my 3rd sheep hunt with Mike. This goes along with 3 moose hunts and 3 brown bear hunts. To say Mike runs an outstanding outfitting service is a great understatement.  The care and dedication that is committed to the hunting experience is remarkable.  Out of my 9 trips with Mike I have never been disappointed in his efforts or commitment to my hunting experience.  Mike is constantly committed to providing one with a lifelong memorable event. His guides are exceptional; I have used several over the years and would give special shout out to Brad, should you be so lucky to draw him. Their knowledge and skill of the land, area, weather, tents, food and animals exceed expectations and are superior to many other guides I have experienced in my travels. One would be hard pressed to find anyone that has the passion for his hunter’s success that Mike possesses. To have the peace of mind of an honest reputable person is a huge relief. Mike’s word is golden. If he tells you he will delivery something he will.  Hunting is hunting and takes skill and luck. From all my trips Mike has delivered the skill and the Luck, well that’s up to you. Oh, and thanks for the boomer SHEEP!!! Take care. Jc

John Callaham, Broken Bow, OK (580) 584-3333

Danny Bowers

Brown Bear - Fall 2015

If you're like me and want to be hunting every possible minute, then the boat based hunt is not for you. With four hunters and four guides aboard, it takes too long to get everyone situated every morning. Between breakfast, discussions were everyone is going to hunt for the day, and time consuming boat drop offs, most of the morning was wasted. What I would do next time is book with Mike Litzen but do his land based hunt with one guide. This way I could get after it before the sun rises. I would give up the comforts and sociability of the boat to be hunting more. 
Danny Bowers



Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

Mike, Thanks so much for a hunt of a lifetime. Even though spring came early, you were still able to find a 10' bear in all the alder cover!  Stocking him for hours really extended the excitement!  The76 foot Nautilus II as base camp was over the top and a great way to see the beautiful terrain, wildlife and gray whales!  The fishing from the boat was a great bonus!  The fresh cooked halibut was delicious!  I can't say enough about you, your guides and boat crew!  My guide Jason put 110% effort into this hunt for me! 

I would recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone interested in a big coastal brown bear!  He is honest and runs a straight forward operation!  Anyone needing a reference should give me a call.  Thank you Mike Litzen for a great hunt!

Steven E. Tachoir
Warren, PA






Dall Sheep August 2014

Day 1- This was my second hunt with LGS but my first sheep hunt.  From Anchorage we flew to McGrath where we met up with Mike.  It must be the salmon because Mike hadn't changed a bit.  In McGrath, I saw Mike arrive in good Alaska fashion landing at the airport in one of his airplanes.  I didn't realize how good Mike's flying skills were until later that afternoon when he flew me into the Alaskan Range in his super cub aircraft!  Being from West Texas, the taxi to base camp in that super cub was AWESOME.  Apparently these aircrafts are a way of life in Alaska, but for me, and maybe the majority of the lower 48, it's an adventure I can't describe but whatta ride!  Before setting out to base camp, Mike introduced me to Ben.  Ben is one of Mike's professional guides.  Just like the last time I hunted with LGS, Ben taught me so much about sheep hunting and hunting in general.  Ben's knowledge of Alaska sheep hunting made all the difference in the world.  He prepared me for the gear I needed to take up the mountain and the attitude I need to have for a successful sheep hunt.  I really had no clue of the ACTUAL WORK required to bag one these bad boy sheep.    

Day 2- I woke up around 8 in the morning, but there was already light out by 4.  Ben had been up with the spotting scope out examining about 10 sheep on the notorious "Sheep Mountain."  The sheep were well over mile from our base camp.  These sheep were virtually on the peak of Sheep Mountain.   Ben wanted to look for a path through the alders that Mike had made because it might be a shorter path to the sheep.  Shorter does not mean easier!  All day we spent climbing, jumping, and swinging through the alders to mark this path.   Once we got to the other side; Ben realized this was not a good path we can take to climb up toward the sheep because we'd be exposed without any cover.

Day 3- First day of hunting season, we started climbing the mountain and that's where I saw Ben transform into a Centaur. It was like he walked faster with a pack.  I, on the other hand, had the opposite effect.  After a few hours and Ben's professional patience, we climbed half way up Sheep Mountain, set up spike camp and hunted the sheep we saw from the day before.  We were 1200 yards from spike camp to the where the sheep were settled.  That night Ben determined we needed to wake up the next day at 4am to climb the second half of Sheep Mountain so we could hunt the sheep from the top. 

Day 4- We woke up late at 4:05 but made up time when we started climbing at 4:25.  Two hours later we made it to the top.  The travel time was less because we carrying less weight but the climb was not easier!  This day I learned sheep hunting is not for the weak.  The rocks were as sharp as razors.  The ground was so loose that the wind would cause rock slides.  For every three steps up, I slid 2 feet down.  The vertical incline was at least 70 to 80 degrees.  It was steeper than a double diamond ski run.  THIS CLIMB WAS NOT A GAME, DANGER OF FALLING WAS REAL.  From 6:30-8, we hunted from the top of the mountain looking for the sheep.  From our position, we had to maneuver our way back down to get into shooting position.  Like always Ben is out in front.  Then he jumps two sheep.  Immediately he drops down, takes his pack off and signals to me to lock and load.  We slide down the mountain about 30 yards until we see the herd of sheep come out from underneath us.  Ben calls at the sheep so they can stop and at the same time we're trying to find the leader of the pack.  Then they stop and cluster together.  With the my finger on the trigger, 15 minutes later the leader steps out of the group in shooting position.  BOOM!  Sheep down!  The sheep rolled at least 300-400 yards straight down until it finally stopped in this beautiful area where there was a waterfall coming straight out of the rocks.  Ben said that probably only we and God has ever seen this part of the mountain.  He said he would bet no human has ever set foot in this part of the mountain because its virtually impossible to get to and the only people crazy enough to be here are sheep hunters.  Mike and Ben, thank you for this amazing experience.  Everything about this hunt was first class.  I learned so much and have a whole new respect for sheep hunting.  I wouldn't do any Alaskan hunt without LGS or LGS approval.  Everyone is professional, honorable, and well equipped to ensure a successful hunt.  Hunts are not guaranteed, this holds true especially in Alaska; but with Mike and his team success seems to be automatic. 

Thanks for the memories!    Josh Spencer      (915) 422-4024     El Paso, Texas

Hi Mike

 A special thanks to you and your crew. Your attention to detail in the heart of the Alaskan bush made for a memorable hunt. With typical Alaskan weather and a no-frills camp in beautiful rugged terrain, the big old grizzly I was hoping to stalk never presented itself. Then the decision to move to another location was made. There I was able to harvest my first caribou, what a beautiful animal wow! The extended hunt was more than I expected. I was especially pleased with my guide Scott Carter with his determination made the hunt enjoyable, safe, and productive. Thanks to everyone for a job well done; this hunt will be remembered for a long time.


John Golke

Waupaca, WI.       715 572 4032



 I want to thank you for an experience of a lifetime. My moose hunt and guide George was one of the best hunts of my life. The 65 1/2" moose I took and my two companions getting their moose over 60" was unbelievable. You helped me take care of #1 on my BUCKET LIST! Hope to join you on future hunts. Thanks again.

Tommy Rice Houston

TX (713) 875-0829



You and your team of professionals did it again. What a great trip and a dream come true for me. At 60 years old I was not sure this old man could even do this. Very rewarding to say I did. This being my second time to hunt with you, I was not disappointed. My guide Brad and my packer Shay were so much fun to hunt and hang out with. It was by far the most draining mental and physical hunt I have ever been on and the most rewarding. We saw lots of sheep and other wildlife. I do not believe there is better sheep hunting in Alaska than what you have. Harvesting a 36" 8 year old ram was icing on the cake. Making new friends for life was even better. Please thank Brad and Shay again for me and tell Brad I'm coming back to go Moose hunting with him and Mike Litzen Outfitters soon. Late season 2016 if available. Let me know. Thanks again

Joe R. Wilson, CAI
Wilson Real Estate Auctioneers, Inc.
929 Airport Road
Hot Springs, AR 71913
1-877-243-2289 Toll Free
1-501-624-1825 Office

Whoa!  What a blast. I can't believe that 4 months have passed since my Spring Brown Hunt yet, the excitement still very fresh in my mind! I have dreamt about a bear hunt for many years and am thankful that after an extensive research effort I chose you to help me get it done.  Not only for me but, I also convinced a good friend of mine to join me.  The anticipation was high in preparation for this great adventure.  We chose the boat style hunt and were graciously hosted on the Nautilus II.  The two man crew handled all their duties very well, keeping all the passengers very well fed, comfortable and dry. The nightly stories and camaraderie were great. The fishing from the back of the boat was a great way to spend time as well. The group of guides you work with are a great addition to the hunt, all very personable, knowledgeable and experienced hunters and fisherman who work well together. My guide Ben, wow, still an overwhelming site of him with my bear hide and head in his pack, high above his head.  Surely more than most men could carry in that type of terrain.  A great feat no doubt.

As for bears, oh yea, we saw bears.  Probably 25-30 in a week, many more than I would have thought possible. It was such a great relaxed type of hunt, glassing from the boat, and then making stalks from the zodiac to the coastal shorelines.  Climbing to the high points to glass such immense and beautiful landscapes.  Never knowing what would show up. There were 4 hunters on the boat and we all successfully harvested 10 foot bears in less than a week. This alone says plenty for your hunting area. I don't know how the trip could have gone any smoother.  From our initial conversations to the airport pickup, every aspect very streamlined. Being an outfitter myself, I know the importance of delivering what you said you would, and you did.  I have given several referrals and will continue to do so.  Anyone looking for an honest and hardworking outfitter in the bear business, this is the place! Thank you Mike for an unforgettable hunting experience.  I am hoping that my boys and I can join you in the near future for another great trip.  As soon as they can shoot a "Big Gun" you can count on a return visit. 

Your friend, John Halandras, H and H Outfitting, Meeker, CO. (970)878-5126

I couldn't believe it when Huntin Fool told me I was the lucky one who won the opportunity to hunt moose/grizzly with you in 2014!  I prepared for months and envisioned how the trip would go.  I never thought my expectations could be exceeded, honestly they were.  My guide, Jason Reinalda, is one of the very best hunters I've been around.  I never second guessed his judgment.  I was fortunate enough to take my bull on the fourth day of the hunt.  That gave me some time to see how your operation really worked. I was amazed at the lengths you went to for not only me but for every hunter in camp.  Weather conditions were less than favorable but I witnessed you going above and beyond to ensure everyone's success.  You don't collect money and sit back, you make it happen.  It's obvious that you don't cut corners and truly care about the experience for every one of your hunters. I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, even the camp humor, (thanks Thom)!  I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to hunt with you and I truly hope to be back.  Mike thanks again for the experience of a lifetime!

Luke Berman
Coalville, UT  801 550-1934


What an experience!!  Thank you Litzen Guide Service for an outstanding Dall sheep hunt and adventure this fall.   It is tough to know what you are getting yourself into when trying to choose a guide for this kind of an investment of time, money and the experience.  After searching the internet and talking with several guides over the phone, both my brother and I agreed that Litzen Guide Service was our guide of choice.  We definitely made the right choice.  My guide, Brad, obviously has a passion for sheep hunting, and enthusiasm to keep looking for that one exceptional trophy.  I took an excellent sheep after hunting for 7 days (Brother got his in 2) and looking over 75 rams.  Mike had all the logistics in order, an enthusiastic camp staff and packer, and a top notch airplane(s) with an awesome pilot (Mike).  I am smiling, even as I write this note thinking of what a great hunt I had.  I look forward to getting back up there!       


Jason Kneedy

Edmond, OK

(405) 213-8382

"This was my third trip with LGS and most likely there will be a fourth.  As usual was greeted with friendly smile and a big firm handshake.  Logistics were good. It was an unusual almost unprecedented weather pattern for spring bear and it made things a bit tough.

Ben Thimons my guide and now friend, by experience, patience and knowledge of the bears’ behavior, kept us in the game with a positive attitude.  We made several stalks, all but one successful and decided not to shoot smaller or rubbed bears before finally getting on my 9' 11'' bear.

If you are looking for a great non-pampered trip then this is the place to be. Food was plenty good for a land camp in an isolated location and all of the equipment was top notch. I've now shared camp with three LGS guides and have nothing but good to say about these fellars and Mike Litzen. I have also met a few of LGS other guides and get the same feeling from them as well. I won't say LGS is the best out there but will say the best will have to get up early and work hard to beat Mike and his bunch.

Great trip, great time and great friends all in the wilds of Alaska, it doesn’t get much better than that. Talk with Mike at Litzen Guide Service and I’m pretty sure you won't regret it"

Johnny Hall
Jonesboro, LA
318 259 8870


Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a great Moose hunt in 2014. Although it was early season, I and my 2 hunting buddies each took a great Moose between 62-66 inches and the bonus was I took an incredible white with silver and black tips wolf. The animals in this region are absolutely amazing and my guide Jon was equally amazing. I think he still deserves guide of the year but I will leave that for you to sort out. Thanks again and looking forward to a hopeful return for a 2016 coastal brown bear.

Best,   Mike McGrath   Sugar Land, TX (281) 787-2040

To all Hunters:  Litzen Guide Service and Mike Litzen the outfitter runs a first rate operation.   This is my second hunt with Mike, in the fall of 2011 my son Joshua and I hunted Brown Bear and this last August my two sons Jake and Joshua and I went on an incredible sheep hunt.  I have hunted from the Arctic to South America and New Zealand, Mike and his guides take a back seat to NO ONE!  All of his guides are very knowledgeable and competent.  In the harsh environment of Alaska, one need to be secure in his outfitter and Mike's crew gives one that level of comfort.  The only thing Mike has not been able to control yet is the weather, but sometimes I felt that even that he was working on.  No doubt the success his hunters have year after year is directly attributable to Mike's tenacity in pre scouting and his work ethic.  While his success rate is high, he will NEVER compromise ethics for success, but tempers that with dedication to his art.  Since the first hunt when I arrived as a client and felt I left as a friend, I would not hesitate to entrust my family's life with Mike.  By the time we arrived in camp, Mike already had established 6 spike camps and many sheep spotted.  We were successful on day one and two, only because of his hard work.  The memories we have hunting together with family and Alaskan friends cannot be put into words.  Knowing Mike now for several years, when you speak with him, he will down play his success and his humility is a breath of fresh air in this business. But don't be fooled Book your hunt of a life time and you will have a lifetime of memories that will live on from generation to generation.

Joe Spencer
Texas Hunter

Michael, Thank you again for another awesome hunting adventure.  As this is my 3rd hunt with your guide service, I've come to expect nothing but the best and you delivered again!  My guide, Jon, was outstanding as we had a tremendous hunt.  As you know, not only did we harvest a possible B&C bear, watching a group of coordinated orcas take down a grey whale in real time was something I will never forget. Take care and can't wait to book a sheep hunt for myself and my wife together.

Matt Struttmann    Columbia MO (573) 999-4719

 I would like to thank Mike and his guides for making this one of the most memorable and amazing hunts I have experienced.  This was my first trip to Alaska and I cannot say enough about the beauty of this state. Alaska is truly the last frontier. There were 3 hunters in my group and we all took trophy bulls. All 3 were over 60 inches.   The 64 inch moose I harvested was a trophy of a lifetime.  My guide John was very experienced and we had a great time during the hunt. Litzen Guide Service is top notch and I did not have to worry about anything on this hunt except for making a good shot on my bull.  From my guide to the packers, the team took great care of everything and gave me a great hunting experience.  This was not an easy hunt by any means but it was well worth the challenges.  I would recommend for anyone who is looking to hunt in Alaska to make sure you use Litzen Guide Service. These guys truly know what they are doing.  Thanks guys and hopefully I will see you again in a few years for my next Alaskan adventure.

Johnny Cavazos

San Antonio,  Texas






Definitely a hunt of a lifetime! Litzen Guide Service was the right choice. After a few weeks of looking over options and talking to Mike, my brother and I scheduled our trip. Upon arrival to camp Mike and the guides where more than welcoming, and in good spirits. Mike was able to get my guide Ron and me to a spike camp that same day, even though the flying conditions were very rough. Mike did everything in his power to accommodate us. Throughout my stay, Mike flew in and out of our hunting area more than 8 times, hauling gear, meat, maps and us in and out. The hunting was amazing and being in such gorgeous country was spectacular. My guide Ron was a great guide/person and easy to get along with. Once I harvested my sheep, Mike allowed us to try and round up a Caribou, which we did. This really put the icing on the cake to an already perfect trip!

Thanks Mike for a hunt of a lifetime!! 
Brian Kneedy, Farr West, UT (801) 725-4983

My son Matthew and I did a duo Brown Bear hunt with Michael Litzen on May 13th through the 23rd 2014.  When we arrived the weather was unseasonably warm and windless.  A full moon shown in the clear each night.  The hunting was very slow and saw only a few small sows along the beach and up on the hills.  This continued for the first 5 days.  We fished and glassed the hill sides restlessly.  The bears were very quiet and spent all their time in the thick alders, coming out only at pitch dark.   We changed hunting strategies to start hunting about 4-5pm until dark 12:00 am.  When the sun went down out came the bears in numbers.  The wind started blowing 40-50 mph and the hunting was on.  We tagged out on the 6th day, 9'+ and an 8'6" bear. 

Michael's crew was very experienced and easy to get along with.  The guides worked very hard to engage us with every opportunity that was available.  The food was great, just caught Halibut, and crab with the works.

The boat crew is very experienced and safety conscience.   My guide Don was very much into killing a bear as I was.  We worked hand in hand stalking, glassing, and going after even the ones that were far away. 

The Litzen team is well organized and experienced even for the most discriminating hunter.  I liked the boat to get out of the weather and have a dry bed and shower.  All the other things were just taken care of...

Mike and Matthew

Another great adventure in the books!  My compliments to all the staff of Litzen Guide Service, what a World Class operation.  The Moose hunt was exceptional as we were in multiple legal moose every day.  We called in our share of moose including a psycho to ten paces.  In addition, we were even fortunate enough to watch two of these heavy weights fight until they couldn’t stand any more.   Had I elected to harvest a Caribou, there were plenty of them available too. 


Drew Zimmerman, WA


Mike, I just wanted to take the time to write you and let you know what a great time I had on my hunt and how impressed I was by your overall operation.  I can see why you have repeat clientele and strong harvest results with your combination of attention to detail, a strong, dedicated staff and great core hunting areas.  My guide, Brad, was not only a great hunter but a great person, which is very important especially when you will be spending two weeks in a tent together.  Shay and the rest of the guys at camp were very friendly and always had time for a question or a request, always looking to assist. Of course, I was lucky enough to be able to harvest two true trophies; my first black bear (6'10") and the Dall sheep of a lifetime (39 3/4").  Without a doubt, the Dall has become the most prized trophy I have ever harvested and I cannot foresee ever topping the thrill of taking such a magnificent animal.

Ernie Hedrick Collegeville, PA (610) 283-8808

Hi Mike,

My brother and I have been on several guided hunts and we both agree yours was second to none. Although we did not harvest an animal, it definitely was not due to your territory or guides. We saw big bears but an unnatural warm spring seemed to be our downfall. We were very impressed with the crew, the guides were all great and we will remain in contact with all of them as our new found friends. It was great how they all worked together to make our hunt a hunt of a life time. We also were very impressed with the accommodations and food. The fishing was an added bonus. Coming back each evening and hearing everyone's stories made the hunt that much more enjoyable. We would not hesitate to come again. It was truly a great experience.

Thanks again,

Rod and Bart Rue.
(734) 748-3456

During September 2014, I had the great pleasure of hunting with Litzen Guide Service.  Mike and his entire crew will make every possible effort to provide a safe, comfortable, successful hunt. Through the efforts of my guide, Jon, I was able to take a very good Barren Ground Caribou, a trophy I have dreamed of for many years. I have to thank Mike, Jon, and all the guys for making my first Alaska hunt a very memorable one.

For those who are considering an Alaska hunt, I certainly recommend Litzen Guide Service. 

Bill Young

Bendena, KS  66008


Bob Kulina

66" Bull Moose

2014 Hunt


I cannot thank you enough for such a memorable experience during my 2014 Spring Bear Hunt. It will be one of those memories I will cherish for many years to come and God willing, I would like to have more in the future with you.

I did a great deal of research before selecting you as my outfitter. What impressed me most was that every previous client I talked to had hunted with you multiple times.  Even the two other 2014 land based hunters had been on other hunts with you. That says a lot for you as an outfitter and your guides and was the convincing factor for me to book this hunt with Litzen Guide Service.  And I know now I made the right decision!  

Everything we discussed on the phone was just as you said and my guide Kurt was top notch.  Not only did he have a wealth of knowledge and experience bear hunting but he was also a great human being and made my trip a great pleasure!  I certainly would recommend him to anyone who is planning a hunt with you.  

I have taken four previous guided hunts and I believe your operation is the best I have ever experienced.  Please feel free to use me as a reference as I would be happy to spread the word about Litzen Guide Service!

Regards,  Mike Dennis
(work) 309-675-1946, (cell) 309-253-6592, (work e-mail), (home e-mail)



Hello Mike,

Just want to drop you a note telling you that I appreciate all you and the crew did to make my Alaskan hunting trip a true adventure. Starting with the "Frank-have you ever been in the Principals Office?" which was a play on the fact I retired from teaching High School Agriculture for 34 years and you remembered that fact from the previous year. In reality it was a check to make sure all our paperwork was in order. Flying out in the middle of the hunt to have Thom hand deliver a huge container of stew (which lasted us two days) and cake with chocolate frosting (which we saved for the next day as a special treat). Making accommodations to help me into the Super Cub (I am vertically challenged) and especially when Scott is pounding me on the back congratulating me for shooting a "Toad" which I now know means a HUGE bull caribou!  I hope that I am able to be back with you in the future.                

Thanks again                           

"the Gnome"  Frank Kugel, WI     715-524-3275

I just got back from an Alaskan sheep hunting adventure.  I did not kill a ram, but still had an amazing experience.  I spent around 14 days flying, backpacking, climbing, hiking and camping in rugged and beautiful terrain.  I saw many sheep, and stalked a handful of them.  The hardest thing is finding a sheep with “full curl” that is legal to harvest.  The penalty for shooting a sheep that is not full curl is severe, so it is a big risk to shoot one that you are not sure of.  I was in rifle range of many rams that appeared to be right on the edge of being legal, likely within centimeters, but did not take the risk.  I had a potential opportunity to stalk a legal ram ruined by a sow grizzly and two cubs that showed up and scared the sheep away before a stalk could be planned.  I had the same ram located and bedded the next day but several lambs and ewes were bedded beneath him so there was not a route to get to him without the busted ewes alerting him.  We had sheep put to bed on some nights, but the next day the wind direction was wrong so I could not move in on them.  I had days here and there when the weather, wind, fog, rain prevented hunting or even glassing for animals.  Some sheep were in terrain that was so rugged that I felt it to be too dangerous to pursuit them.   There were two different hunters that were med-evacuated out of the area in separate incidents while I was hunting.  In one case, the rescue helicopter bumped the sheep from the spot where I was going to hunt them.  Despite these troubles, it is very exciting to sneak within a few hundred yards of a wild sheep, size him up, and then sneak away without it ever knowing you were there.  To spend time in the shadows of the tallest mountains in North America, with hundred mile views through clear air, and the roar of the rivers, streams, winds, and rumbling glaciers in the background was surreal.  As my guide Jason said, some guys get lucky and shoot a sheep early without ever experiencing what sheep hunting is.  He said that I got the full experience of what sheep hunting is; now I just need to shoot one.  There were many highs and lows, physical and mental challenges, stunning natural beauty, horrible weather, dangerous animals, and a constant awareness of how isolated and helpless it would feel to get into trouble in those mountains where help is far away and may not be able to respond.  When I was preparing to go on this hunt I thought that killing a ram was the most important thing and to fail would be devastating.  Now, in hind-sight I feel that hunting in the Alaskan wilderness and returning safely was the most significant accomplishment, and even though taking a sheep would have been icing on the cake, the experience was worth the effort.  I hope to return to try again someday.

Jeff Porter, UT (801) 446-1786

Wow!! I am still smiling after my brown bear hunt with Litzen Guide Service. I was fortunate enough to come across Litzen Guide Service a few years ago on an internet website. I emailed Mike Litzen on a grizzly/black bear combo hunt and when Mike returned my email, I never dreamed I would be doing a brown bear hunt as well a few years later. My first hunt was more than expected and my second hunt (brown bear) was even more!! It was an adrenaline rush that I have never experienced at that level for quite some time. I was thrilled to have Mike himself as my guide this time, but would not be disappointed to have any of his guides guide me. They are all 120% there to help you be successful in getting a chance at a huge brown bear. The day I shot my bear Mike said he was taking me to the land of milk and honey, and it was for sure that. We saw nine bears that day and I was successful in harvesting a nice ten foot bear that evening! Another hunter of Mike's in a different area also harvested a nice ten foot bear at about the exact time I shot mine. The next day another hunter of Mike's got even a bigger bear than those two. I guess my point being that if you want a chance at a big brown bear, you do not have to hesitate in contacting Litzen guide Service. Awesome people who became good friends. The captains, Dave and Chris, did an awesome job and prepared delicious meals. The Nautilus was very comfortable. Thanks Mike for a hunt I will never forget, and thanks for having your good friend Tom, now a friend of mine along for the hunt also.   

Shawn Simmes, Montana, (406) 937-2200. 

The next hunt I do in Alaska will without a doubt be with Litzen Guide Service!!!!!

Mike Litzen's Guide Service is certainly the place to go for trophy moose. There were five moose hunters in camp when I was there.  Four got moose. All over 60".  After I tagged out I saw several trophy size moose.  They will be even bigger next year.  I met all of Mike's guides. They are all dedicated to find hunters trophy moose.

 Happy hunting,

Roger Aughenbaugh

Millerstown, PA until December (717) 589-7079

January 2015 to March (863) 326-9367

When my dad told me we were going to be hunting Dall Sheep in Alaska, I was so excited for a once in a lifetime hunt. When we first arrived in Alaska all that was going through my mind was how physically and mentally difficult the hunt was going to be. My dad said that Mike Litzen was going to make this an unforgettable experience for me (my dad had hunted with Mike Litzen before). Boy was my dad not kidding. From the moment we stepped into camp, Mike was all business. He had done his spotting and knew where the sheep were weeks before we had arrived. When we got settled in base camp, Mike told us what essentials to pack for spike camp. Then Mike flew our guide out first followed by myself then my dad. Mike told us about flying in the “Supercub” and some of the unbelievable places he could land that plane. I didn’t believe it until I saw it but he made it look so easy. I guess that’s what over 35 years of flying experience does. Our guide Ron was there with the tent already set up and everything organized. After a good dinner, the first day of hunting season was the next day and I couldn’t wait. The next morning before my dad and I could finish getting ready, Ron was already spotting sheep. Then we spotted a sheep that was worth getting a closer look. After a good hike up the mountain we saw this awesome sheep about 1200 yards away. Ron told my dad and I the game plan on our stalk. We made our way across the mountainside where we came within 400 yards of the sheep, which was astonishing considering where the sheep were. I was truly impressed how careful and precise Ron was to get us a good shot at this stud of a sheep. Ranging at 380 yards away, I pulled off one of the best shots of my life, which led to this awesome sheep. I cant thank Mike Litzen’s guide service enough for the best hunting experience of my life. It truly was an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.

Jake Spencer

Well, what can I say that hasn't already been said on these pages about Litzen’s Brown Bear Hunts? At 69 yrs. old I was a little hesitant as to what to expect and what I was getting myself in for. I discussed many aspects of the hunt and boat with Mike until we were both comfortable I could have the kind of hunt I would really enjoy. I can tell you he went out of his way to provide me with what was needed to make this hunt including a very good guide named Joel. This hunt exceeded my best expectations. From the accommodations, the staff guides and cooks the whole thing was super without even mentioning my 10ft plus Brown Bear.

Joel my guide is a friendly fellow aboard the boat but once he starts stalking a bear he is a Drill Sargent and that's good because when this beast started to get up after being shoot twice and running toward us I had no idea what to do until he yelled shoot him again but not in the face. I shot him again free hand standing as did Joel, but the bear was still heading toward the alders we were standing above and looked like a big locomotive coming after us. Turns out he must have died within a few minutes of entering the alders but we could not see or hear him and Joel felt it was not a smart idea to go looking as it was just about 11pm.

We went in the next morning and only then saw this giant bear with a skull measuring just a tad under 29 inches. The whole crew worked to get this beast out of the creek as rigamortis had set in and no small job, fortunately they had a whole crew to get him out of the creek and skinned.

Don't think this is some luxury hunt just because you have a nice warm bunk at night on a 76 ft. yacht with hot showers; you still have to walk through and around alders and sink down into the tundra with each step while going up and down hills. There was one hike I passed on though that was too vertical that a couple of the younger hunters went on and got big brown bear.

This is the real thing in a great part of Alaska and for me was a real hunt of a Life Time.

Mel Roth
Parkland, FL 954-346-7200


Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

Litzen Guide Service

I cannot thank Mike enough for the memorable experiences that were afforded me during my recent 2013 Fall Brown Bear hunt.  The ability to share this experience with my 84 year old father will never be forgotten. 

Having previously hunted in Alaska many times and dealt with outfitters from all corners of the world, Mike and his crew are first class in all aspects.  From the initial contact thru to the end of the hunt, Mike was always upfront and honest on what the client can expect, what is required to make the hunt a most memorable experience, and give the hunter the highest probability of success.  His success rate speaks for itself.  

His brown bear hunting area is second to none.  His 75+ miles of coastline that he has access to is exclusive in all aspects.  He is the ONLY outfitter that has access to the area and his people know where the animals frequent and how to put the hunter in the best position for success.  The majority of his guides have been with him since he started Litzen Guide Service over 25 years ago so the resident knowledge of the area is outstanding and all the “honey holes” are well known.

Great people, great atmosphere, and a totally professional outfitter resulted in a most memorable hunting  experience.  

Bill Alex
Papillion, NE
(402) 884 – 0041
(360) 551-0653


Thank you again for a great hunt, everything was as you said it would be and better. Your camps, equipment, guides, and planes are all top notch. Thank you for letting me hunt with Ben (Thimons), as he is one of the best guides and greatest human beings I have had the privilege to hunt with. I had a blast flying in the super cub, and seeing all of Alaska's beauty. Harvesting a great ram made all of the training and tough nature hikes worth it. I look forward to hunting with you again in the future.

Jack Roper Jr.
Las Vegas, N.M.


I sent you some pictures of my bear. After getting back from the trip and having a chance to reflex on it, I thought “WOW what a great time my daughter and I had”. I have been on 15 guided hunts all over North America, some have been good (I’m not talking about successful) and some have been not so good. Mike Litzen and Litzen Guide Service is the best. I talked to many outfitters during my time of making a selection on who to use for this hunt. I really liked you because of your honesty and had a real peace about using you. It was the right decision. I found hunts cheaper than you. The old saying “you get what you pay for” is always true. My guide Joel Doner was great. My daughter and I really enjoyed being with him. Joel is very helpful and very professional. He really knows his business. And being able to harvest a 9’1”trophy brown bear did not hurt anything either. I am very excited about my sheep hunt booked with you next August. I want  Joel Doner as my guide again. Use me as a reference any time you wish. Also the guys on the boat could not have been any more professional and helpful. The boat was great and the meals were great. Sarah Kathryn and I have made new friends for life. See you next August.

Joe R. Wilson, CAI
Wilson Real Estate Auctioneers, Inc.

929 Airport Road  Hot Springs, AR 71913
1-877-243-2289 Toll Free     1-501-624-1825 Office
1-501-624-3473 Fax             1-501-622-8140 Cell

I would like to thank Mike Litzen and Litzen Guide service for a most enjoyable hunt.  After booking my hunt through Cabelas, next  Mike contacted me and discussed rifles and bullets.  About a month before the hunt,  George my guide contacted me and he made a few pointers.
After flying from Anchorage to McGrath, the clouds set in and we were stuck in  McGrath for three days, putting everyone behind the eight ball.  Finally the clouds broke, and we flew out.  When we arrived,  Mike quickly  flew everyone out to their camps.  There I met George and we hit it off right away.  The next afternoon, the first day I could hunt after flying,  George spotted a bull. After putting a stalk on him I shot a 64 1/2 bull moose.  What a great experience it was skinning and hanging the meat of such a huge moose.

I would like to thank George, Mike, and the packers for getting my moose out. I would recommend Litzen Guide Service for a wonderful hunt. 

Jonathan Nitschke  701-830-0245


I've been to Alaska before, but it wasn't a great experience. We didn't find the animals we were hoping to find.

 This time was different because Mike put us where the moose were. Also, as a guide myself in northwest Colorado, I appreciated working with someone who knew what he was doing. John was a good experienced guide. We worked well together--he spent an entire day fleshing my caribou out. Then,  after we killed a 61" moose, he and I worked for 12 hours, making nine trips to get the moose back to camp.

Mike Litzen runs a quality guide service--he has top-notch planes- they'll get hunters where the animals are, and he and his crew will help hunters to have a good experience out in the field. Camp is no-frills, but it was all worth the experience of taking trophy animals in a pristine environment.

Note: D&C Expediters was great to work with, too. They picked the antlers up from the airport quickly and gave me discounts in getting both animals mounted.

Mike Zadra




This was my sixth hunt with you ( second one of this season )  and is one of the most memorable.

My son Ryan and I had the time of our lives!

First, there was Ryan shooting a wolf, and then a great brown bear.

Like all of the previous guides, Jason was relentless in looking for the right bear.

Your dedication in getting the clients to the hunting areas and your hard working guides have made their dreams come true for three of my sons.

Can’t wait until my youngest has his grizzly/moose hunt in 2015!

This is why  I keep coming back.

Thanks again,

Dan Palmer
Davenport, Iowa
(563) 370-6777


Just wanted to say thank you for a successful  Dall sheep hunt this August. Hunting with Ben was a great experience. He is an excellent and hardworking guide. The sheep country we hunted was absolutely beautiful and challenging. It was a very memorable hunt. Thanks for everything that you and your team did to make my hunt successful.

Jeff Huckaby
Bakersfield, CA
(661) 809-5514

Hi Mike

Many thanks to you and your guides! Your attention to detail made my first trip to Alaska  smooth, safe, and successful. I also had my friend Frank come along to be my camera man. We stayed in a wall tent by a river.

Our guide, George Taylor, made the hunt the best I've been on. I got a great bull the 6th day of the hunt.

Thanks again Mike, George, and Scott (my packer) for getting the meat, cape, and antlers out. For a great Alaskan hunting experience I will always recommend Litzen Guide Service, first and foremost.

John Golke
Waupaca Wi.        715-258-8690

Hello Mike,

The Dall Sheep hunt I had with you and your outfit this past August was one of the most memorable hunts I have ever had. That is saying a lot because I have hunted most of my 59 years and on four different continents. You under promised and over delivered.

 My guide Brad Patterson was very good. He knew the area very well, he did not try to out walk me, and in addition he was very knowledgeable. We were stalking sheep 3 out of the 4 hunting days it took me to get my ram.

 Even base camp was fun. The night before I left to go back to Anchorage was very entertaining. Listening to all the old music with you and all your guides is a special memory which really added to the whole experience.

 This hunt was very challenging, but at the same time very rewarding and my success was a direct result of you and Brad and Shay's dedication to details, and the professional effort that was given 100 percent of the time.

 Thanks again for a tremendous hunt. I have already recommended you to another hunter and I will continue to praise you, your hunting area and your crew. Hopefully a Brown Bear hunt with you is in my future.

Ken Von Storch

Michael Litzen and crew,

Thank you so much for the adventure of a lifetime! It was more than I had expected.  We saw so many bears and the trip was top notch in every way (crew, guides, hunting, food, accommodations).  The operation was very   impressive and professionally run. This is the best trip I've ever experienced by far.  Hope to do another hunt with you in the future.  Thank you so much! 

Robert Grady
North Carolina 
(252) 559-6954

Mr Litzen,

I wanted to thank you for one of the most awesome hunts of my 48 years of age.  Everything  you said was accurate and true.  I went to Alaska 10 years ago and did not have the experience that I had with you, in fact, nowhere close.  The boat, the food, the guides, and the hospitality were off the charts, my friend.  I will be back with my son, and I already have two friends who also want to book a hunt.  I will be booking a Moose hunt as well.  Thank you kindly!

David King
Wake Forest, NC 
(919) 427-4104


I just wanted to drop you a BIG Thank You! The hunt in the Alaskan Range was a dream hunt that had everything in it. Alaska delivered all that I could have asked for...... weather, lots of game, tough, physical  challenges, and some great laughs. Your attention to details, one on one relationship with the hunter, and a reputation of  having the hardest working guides  (who want to take a ram as badly as I do) all shined during my experience. Thanks for making two years of planning my dream hunt a success. It paid off in my taking of a great ram. 

Joe Vander Poel
Pixley, CA
(559) 786-2551

After a great 2012 sheep hunt, I allowed Mike and his group to talk me into a moose hunt for 2013. Once again this was not a mistake. As in the past hunts, Litzen Guide Service had itself well organized from base camp all the way through the hunt. Mike and his entire staff do their best to make sure everyone feels welcome and at home in the wilderness.

My guide Jason kept our spirits high and amazingly could almost tell when and where the moose would be. If you're looking for an easy pampered hunt this is probably not for you. If you are looking for a hunt that requires you to put forth effort,  live in the back country, and have an adventure, then this is the place.

Mike knows where the animals will be long before you arrive. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a true back country adventure,  with the nearest road some 175 miles away. 

Johnny Hall
Jonesboro, LA
318 259 8870

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. Every sunrise  over Denali left us in awe of the country. What a difference from New Mexico! We saw over a dozen moose and called in multiple bulls.  Unfortunately we left the king of the ridge for next year. Your guide John and packer Scott did a wonderful job, worked hard, entertained us and kept a positive attitude. The caribou was a bad wind day bonus, and what a bonus he was. I never dreamed I would stalk such a beautiful animal through the blueberry filled tundra. Not only did we take the caribou and call in multiple bull moose, but we were blessed with the sight of a huge silver tipped grizzly on the last day - too bad I forget my predator call! Mike took care of us, even going so far as to air drop Jolly Ranchers - we could not have asked for more from Mike. The memories Mike Litzen provided are those that few of us ever have a chance to enjoy, but for me, the hum of a  Cessna and the call of the Sandhill cranes on migration are sounds I will bring back as wonderful reminiscences of hunting with Litzen Guide Service.

Mackenzie Hunt
Roswell, New Mexico


Just wanted to thank you for making my fall brown bear hunt a great success.  Your attention to details, from your hard working guides, to preparing your hunter for everything that will occur during ten days of Alaska weather, is above and beyond the average outfitter.  Even though the weather made my hunting conditions tough, John, my guide, and I were able to harvest a beautiful dark chocolate 9’ brown bear. 

I was very fortunate to not only win this hunt through ” Huntinfool” magazine, but to shoot my bear on the shore of the Pacific Ocean was a dream come true!  For those hunters looking for an outfitter to hunt coastal brown bears, look no further. I highly recommend Mike Litzen.  He is very honest, hard working, and a stickler for details.  And his guides are no different.

Thank you Mike, John, Jason, Joel!! You guys made a memory that will last a lifetime.

Scott Hoard


Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

Dear Mike Litzen and Crew,

 Just wanted to let you know I had a great time on my 2012 Moose/Grizzly hunt. My guide, George Taylor, and I reconnected and he put forth the same great effort as he did on my 2011 Brown Bear Hunt. Also, thank you for letting me get to meet and spend time with your Packer, John McCleod. Your dedication and attention to detail led me to highly recommend Litzen Guide Service. Keep up the great work and keep in touch. I will be looking forward for my next Alaskan Adventure with Mike Litzen Guide Service.

Bob Neese
Marion Center PA. 724 840 4640


I want to drop a note to say thank You for another great hunt. I had a great time, even though we were still having winter in the spring! Kurt was a great guide with a wealth of experience hunting Brown bears. It was a great learning experience to spend time with a seasoned professional like Kurt. We were fortunate to see some of the greatest Brown Bear behavior and activity imaginable, what a memory! We saw over 20 bears during our hunt, ranging from BIG boars to sows with cubs coming out of hibernation.

I was very fortunate to have a successful hunt on a land camp, ending with a great trophy, but I was also fortunate to spend a day on the boat and see another hunter get his bear.

As I have come to expect, everything was spot on, even when our plane full of hunters had our gear miss our connection, you and your team was great in making sure we all got into our camps without any problems. The logistics, your area and especially your guides made the hunts a great experience. Thanks for a great hunt and a job well done

Ced Damby
Loomis CA.

After a lot of research and asking around, I contacted Mike at Litzen Guide Service..and, WOW, what a great decision. Mike was very helpful throughout the entire journey of getting ready and getting all needs taken care of. Mike and his entire crew helped fulfill a long time dream of taking a Dall Sheep. Right from the get go of arriving in base camp,  I was greeted and andmade to feel welcome. One can tell straight away that preparations have long been made and all needs taken care of including scouting for animals, as we were in sheep every day from the onset and choice spike camp sites. Safety was the first and most paramount consideration through the entire hunt, there was no doubt Mike had done his home work and prep ahead of time. W

hen I met my guide, Ron, I could tell he was ready and safety and success were his main concern as well. Ron and Mike were most supportive and did not allow my spirits to get down when my first opportunity at a ram went bad due to a huge case of self-inflicted buck fever. Ron kept me going with his positive attitude and did not let me give up. I was able to meet Mike's entire crew of guides and all were great, friendly and professional.  I just don't see where one can go wrong with this choice of Litzen Guide Service. There is no doubt the decision to hunt with LGS was the correct choice and I would do it all again and recommend you do it as well.

Thanks Mike and Ron, you’re the best.

Johnny Hall, Jonesboro

 LA  (318) 259-8870




My 2012 Moose/Grizzly combo hunt was my third consecutive hunt with Mike Litzen. Mike has one of the best areas in Alaska to hunt moose, grizzly and Dall sheep. He is 100% dedicated to each hunter being successful, while not compromising their safety in any manner. Mike also has the best guides you could ask for. Kelen (guide), Jeremy (camera guy/friend) and I had an awesome time, even in some high winds and rain.

We were able to take my grizzly during a wind storm and then had to wait it out for a few days in our spike camp. Mike was in contact with us via satellite phone checking on us and making sure we were safe. He knew we were cold, wet, hungry and tired but still in pretty good shape. As soon as the storm broke Mike flew in and got us back to the main camp to dry out and get some warm food. He then did some flying and made a new game plan for us to get a moose. The weather and a missed opportunity had me thinking I was going home without a moose, but the last morning of the hunt the sun was out, it was cold and the bulls were on the move. I was able to take a beautiful 63” bull that morning. The past three years have all been great experiences and I have made a few new friends and contacts along the way. I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service to anyone looking for a hunt of a lifetime.

Paul Matthys –Kindred, ND


This was my first Alaska Hunting Adventure and I have to say it was a adventure.  I booked this hunt in 2010 through Cabela's for the 2012 year.I talked to Mike and my guide George several times during the summer to make sure that I was taking the equipment that I needed and only needed. When I arrived at the base camp Mike was already flying guides out to the spike camps. When I got to my spike camp,  my guide George was at the airstrip waiting for us.

The camp that I was in was a wall tent camp and set up very nicely. The next ten days was a hunt that I will never forget. Wind ,rain, snow and fog- we had it all. George and I had a great time. On the tenth day I shot a 64" Moose to top off a great hunt. This was only the second guided hunt that I was on and the first to Alaska. Mike has a top notch guide service. I had an experience that I will never forget.

I would like to thank Mike, my guide MSG George, John the packer for getting the meat, cap and antlers back to camp. For a hunt of a life time and an adventure, I would highly recommend Litzen Guide Service.

Thanks again

Marshal Raaum

Gillette, Wyoming (307) 685-0204

I learned of an opportunity through a friend who guided for Litzen Guide Service about a Grizzly Bear/ Black Bear combo hunt which was available for the fall hunt of 2012. Since I was interested in getting a grizzly bear, I checked out Litzen Guide Services references to see if he was reputable. Satisfied he was indeed, I contacted him & booked this hunt for Sept. 1-10. My hunting experience with him & his outfit and the guide who was assigned to me was exceptional. I found the rugged beauty of the Alaska interior to be breathtaking and enjoyed every minute of it. The area seemed to have plenty of game animals. I harvested a really nice grizzly bear and although that would have made a wonderful hunt in itself, I also got a wolverine and was absolutely elated. I don't know which of the two I was more excited about. They both are wonderful trophies. I also saw moose, dall sheep, black bear, & caribou on this hunt. I would not hesitate to go hunt again with him and would recommend his outfit to any interested hunters. Thank you, Mike Litzen, for a wonderful hunt.

 Scott Nordman

Bloomfield, New Mexico (505) 634-6788


 I wanted to thank you for the fantastic hunt. This being my 3rd hunt with you, I can't say enough about you and your group of guides. They put a 110% effort in each day of every hunt. The conversations and stories after hunting makes it even more enjoyable. This Brown bear will sure look great next to the Grizzly. If you ever have anyone that needs a reference, please feel free to have them give a call. My cell number, 309-236-2411.


Brian Anseeuw, MD


At the age of 62, I knew this would push my limit. Even after seven months of preparation and conditioning, I told my guide Ben Thimons on the first day“ I may have bit off more than I can chew.” With the will to succeed and Ben’s encouragement,  I kept pushing. We got on sheep the first day but we could not get to them. At about 7:00 PM on the second day Ben asked me how badly I wanted to kill a sheep. All I could think was I didn’t want to kill a sheep that we or I could not recover. I decided to take the chance and was lucky enough to take the sheep where it was. Spent a miserable night on the mountain with no survival gear, but  my 39 1/4 “ ram made me appreciate the hunt that much more. Thank you Ben and Mike for making my last sheep hunt a great success.

Jack Janicke  Sales Manager - Olmos Equipment, Inc.
210/675-4990 Office  210/275-6892 Mobile


Thanks for a trip of a lifetime! The memories generated on this trip are some of my most treasured from my time in the outdoors. I want to commend you on your first class operation and your ability to provide sportsmen like myself with this amazing experience. My professional guide, Brad Patterson, was not only knowledgeable beyond words but a great guy who made my first Alaska experience one I never will forget.

Litzen Guide Service is a "first class outfitter" and I would recommend you to anyone without reservation. I am already looking forward to my brown bear hunt in with you in 2014.

All the best,


Ankeny, Iowa (515) 490-7511


 I would like to thank you for another great hunt this year in Alaska.  You’re a no nonsense outfitter who does what he says and gets the job done.  I appreciate how well prepared you and your guides are.  You always have everything in place and are ready to hunt.  I’d also like to thank my guide Jason, and  this was my second hunt with him.  The thing that impressed me the most on this hunt was Jason’s cooking ability.  He can turn a Mountain house/caribou back strap into what tasted like, at the time,  the best meal I’d ever had. 

Also, Jason’s knowledge of the area along with yours from years of hunting combined for a very successful hunt for me.  I took a nice 7’4” grizzly and caribou.  I had a moose tag to fill also but I was trophy hunting, so  I didn’t want anything under 60”.  We saw a couple of huge moose, definitely shooters for me, but could never get them to come out of the timber.  That’s hunting and that’s how it goes.  I look forward to my Dall Sheep hunt with you next year.  Thanks again Mike and Jason.


Mike Frings

Tulare, CA (559) 901-6427

Great hunting experience with Litzen Guide Service the Spring of 2012. Saw some beautiful terrain and wildlife, and harvested a nice brown bear from a land-based camp. During the trip I was fortunate to view an abundance of wildlife - - numerous sows with cubs, moose, lone mountain caribou, mating foxes, eagles, a variety of waterfowl species, seals, and whales. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and highly recommend the hunt to other serious outdoorsman.

Robert Epps Corpus Christy TX (361) 249-7750

Mike and Crew,  Thanks so much for making my spring 2012 Brown Bear Hunt everything I expected it to be and more. Mike, you and your guides are true professionals and the years of experience each of you have made the trip a huge success for everyone. You guys truly do care that each hunter realizes his goals which is refreshing. I chose the boat hunt because it provided warm dry quarters and as a bonus allowed some fishing time. We caught Halibut and viewed whales, seals and sea lions on the trip, which was a first for me. Having shot the first bear on the boat I was jokingly promoted to cruise director for the remainder of the trip. Also a special thanks to Eagle Eye Joel for spotting and guiding me to my Boone and Crocket class Brown Bear. Hopefully some day I can come back and take over my cruise director duties again.

 Your friend ,  Jim Vickers Three Oaks MI (269) 470-9731

My 2012 Alaskan Brown Bear hunt was the best hunt of my life! I thought the luckiest part of the hunt was winning this hunt on a $50 raffle ticket with Huntin Fool Magazine. I was definitely wrong on the luckiest part, because as it turns out, meeting and hunting with Michael Litzen and his guide Jason was the luckiest experience and moment of my life. I thank Litzen guide services for a perfect hunting experience. I truly appreciate their  guiding services and experience of a full Alaskan wildlife adventure. When it comes to guiding services Litzen Guides have the experience and knowledge to produce amazing results.

Again thanks to my Guide, Jason Reinalda,  for a perfect successful hunt and Michael Litzen for a great hunting Operation. I Plan on using Litzen guiding services for Dall sheep hunt.

Ilias Zaharopoulos, Lancaster, CA. (661) 816-3559
aka “Louie The Greek”

Dear Mike,  I just wanted to thank you for the hunt of a lifetime! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with my bear and my trip as a whole. There is not much more to say about a bear that big-other than just wow! Most people who look at the pictures think I photo shopped him in, and to be honest it is tough for me to get my head around a bear that big. 

I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I was a little concerned about being in a tent for that long, but my guide had camp set up perfectly and the days and nights flew by. A warm tent and a hot meal made it seem like home and I cannot say enough great things about my guide, Ben. We always seemed to have something in common to talk about and it made the hours of glassing an enjoyable part of the trip.

Even now that I’m back home and at work I find myself zooming in on Google Earth to our camp sight and reliving the hunt on my desk top computer and day dreaming about being back on the Alaska Peninsula hunting giant brown bear! I am looking forward to another hunt with you and Ben in the near future.

Thank you again,
Paul Vollmar, MD, MBA (218) 878-7677

My wife and I would like to thank you for a great 2012 moose hunt. We had a wonderful time. We really enjoyed the whole crew and our guide Jason was awesome. Everyone’s efforts to accommodate my wife on the hunt were greatly appreciated and Jason really helped make it a good experience for her. In addition, his calling skills and knowledge of the game were impressive and made it possible for me to take this very nice Bull Moose. This hunt was one of the best I have ever had and I would recommend to anyone that is looking for a world class moose hunt and outfitter to consider going with Litzen Guide Service. Hope to join you guys again in 2014!


Ryan Coffey San Antonio TX (830) 714-7323



Once again, Litzen Guide Service came through under challenging travel and hunting conditions. My hunt (2nd moose hunt in September 2012) occurred during a windy Alaska fall. Several nights I held on to my tent poles to keep the tent from being torn apart. The winds made for a tight flying schedule but Mike got all hunters in and out of camp on time. In addition to being physically prepared for an Alaskan hunt, Mike mentioned being mentally prepared for weather and access to game. Some game is unreachable and unrecoverable because of the varied Alaska landscapes. He also stressed being prepared for every opportunity. That preparedness made for a successful hunt in 2008 and my moose hunt this fall. On a very windy day at noon, a moose came across a ridge, with Mount McKinley in the background, and headed toward the valley behind our camp. We were able to intercept and successfully harvest the moose.

An Alaskan hunt is very challenging and also rewarding. This is a result of dedication and preparedness on the part of Mike and his guides. Alaska and Litzen Guide Service have been very good to me and I would recommend them to anyone.

Lynn Johnson Hannaford, ND  (701) 769-2554

Mike, being this my second time hunting in Alaska, I truly had an exciting and different experience for the facts that I lived in a fishing boat, had beautiful views, had the opportunity of seeing many brown bears, some cubs, whales, and many other animals of the wildlife.
Mike and his team of guides were always very kind during all the hunt, specially I want to thank mike because he took the time to get specific food knowing that I am a vegetarian.
I had great time, met great people, and I hope going hunting again with Litzen Guide Service.

Thank you,
Rafael Olvera
San Luis Potosi Mexico
52 (444) 4479295


Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

I was introduced to the services of Mike Litzen in 2004. He hosted me to an exceptional Alaska Hunting Adventure. His hunting area, camps, and Guides were all top notch. More importantly, Mike took personal interest in me having an opportunity to be successful. This resulted in acquiring the trophy I dreamed of and memories that will last a lifetime. So it was with no hesitation that I returned this year (2011) and brought my eldest son Nick with me..... Not surprisingly we both experienced hunts of a lifetime. We enjoyed the same great service and attention to detail that makes this type of hunting both successful and rewarding. For Dall Sheep, Moose, Grizzly Bear, Caribou and Wolf, in the Alaskan Interior, I highly recommend Litzen Guide Serive. I won't wait another seven years to return.
Dr. R.W. Taylor
St. Joseph, Missouri

Nick Taylor
Dallas, Texas





Dear Mike Litzen and crew:

I had only been hunting for a year when Matt, my boyfriend, asked me to go moose hunting with him in Alaska.  My first response was "Yes! Of course!"  As I began reading multiple books about moose hunting, hunting in the wild, and survival, I found myself getting a bit more nervous as our flight into Alaska approached.  Matt and I landed at base camp and I felt more at ease as I meet each member of the Litzen crew.  Your expertise, confidence, organization and enthusiasm made my first moose hunting adventure that more enjoyable.  Being out in the Alaskan bush is one experience I will never forget and I would do it again in a heartbeat!!  Thank you so much!  
AshleyWiant, MO.


I wanted to say thank you so much for the incredible moose hunting expedition. As I mentioned to you before we went, I felt this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and it truly was! Ashley and I couldn't have asked for a more competent and trustworthy guide. You and your staff are top notch and I've already recommended your services to many of my friends. Keep up the great work and hope we keep in touch for future hunting endeavors.

Matt Struttmann, Columbia, MO.   (573) 999-4719

Truly a super hunt for Dall rams in August, 2011. Mike Litzen and his guides run one of the best outfitter businesses I have seen. Extremely organized, safety conscious and detail oriented to the last item. Mike’s area encompasses remote ranges that few other hunters can safely access due to the logistics. Just getting to the spike camp is half the fun and an adventure in itself. Mike and my guide Brad Patterson are not only professional hunters, but conservationists as well. They go above and beyond to ensure you get the best trophy animal while choosing to shoot rams 8+ years of age, making sure the area has a good supply of future trophies. A good supply of sheep in the unspoiled beauty of the Alaskan range.

Brad was phenomenal to say the least. We were stuck in the tent for two days waiting for the clouds to lift and winds to shift so we could get into the basins and spot. Patience and flexibility is a virtue as you are at the weathers mercy. We sat on the top of a ridge for over two hours waiting for the fog to lift, not knowing that 3 rams were a little over 300 yards down the other side of the slope. However when the opportunity presented we capitalized. Brad’s persistence, knowledge of the country, sheep behavior and ability to field judge rams is amazing. Mike and Brad once again thanks for a great hunt!!!!

Rusty Shelton, Hyde Park, UT (C) 435-770-5030





An absolute awesome hunt. The only thing I would like to have had was more time to visit with Mike Litzen, But he is so busy making sure his hunters get to where they need and when they need to be there as well as all the other details such as licenses, Tags, trophy care and then flying who knows where for most of the daylight hrs. Making sure that his guides and hunters have everything they need. Then there are the guides who also are TOP NOTCH and make every effort to see that their hunter has a memorable and successful hunt. My guide Jason Reinalda did an awesome job of spotting this trophy Moose and making the successful stock on it. The Adrenalin rush you get when an animal such as this hits the ground just cannot be put into words, it’s something every hunter has to experience for themselves. THANKS MIKE    THANKS JASON

Norm - Middle Point Ohio   419-968-2328    

My 2011 hunt with litzen guide service was way more than I had expected. This was my first ever guided hunt and will not be my last. My next Alaska hunt will definitely be booked with litzen guide service. I cannot thank Mike and my guide Bob enough. Mike runs a top notch business and his guides all work very hard to produce a successful hunt and hunting experience. I was very fortunate to have harvested a beautiful grizzly bear, a wolf, and an awesome caribou. I hunt a lot and realize any trophy does not come easy, so to harvest three animals, that is what I mean by fortunate. My first trip to Alaska, and first guided hunt, was an experience that I will never forget. I met some people that I will cherish as friends forever and seen the most beautiful country I have ever seen. Memories that last a lifetime because of a good top notch guide business. If you are planning a hunt in Alaska, I would recommend Litzen Guide Service without a hesitation. It will be the hunt you have been dreaming of, and in my case it was much more. Thanks again Mike, and thanks for pairing me with an awesome guide, Bob.

Shawn Simmes, Sunburst, MT
(406) 937-2200








Michael Litzen, Thank you to you and your guides for another amazing Dall sheep hunt in the Western Alaska Range! Your level of commitment to me and Jeremy (photographer a.k.a. Grizz) was unprecedented. You are very well organized; your guides are seasoned, very experienced and passionate about what they do. Along with honesty and great service your hunting area supports a healthy number of animals including legal Dall rams. To all potential hunters reading this post, you should strongly consider Litzen Guide service for your hunt of a lifetime. My simple advice would be to show up in extremely good shape and listen to your guide...especially when your patience is wearing thin! Last but not least I would like to compliment my guide, Brad Patterson. He showed his true experience and grit during my Dall sheep hunt with him. I am not sure who got more excited before, during and after the stalk on my sheep, me or Brad! Thanks again it was a blast. P.S. I guess the mint smell Grizz kept mentioning was Labrador Tea, so it wasn't Brad after all, Ha Ha!

Paul Matthys -  North Dakota  (701) 238-0817

I can't say enough about my experience with Litzen Guide Service. As a non-hunter on a mission to get some great wildlife photos, I succeeded in getting some great wildlife photos of grizzlies, wolverines, a variety of birds, and of course, Dall Sheep! My buddy Paul Matthys was also successful in hunting a very nice ram this year as well. I have to admit with a considerably smaller fee than a hunter, I was originally concerned that I would be given a back seat on this trip, and I am very happy that wasn't the case at all. This was an adventure of a lifetime two years in a row, and both you and our guide Brad did an excellent job of accommodating, leading, and getting us great results. I've enclosed several hundred pictures and some videos, which will give you something to do this Winter! Thanks again for the outstanding experience, I hope we cross paths again someday.

Jeremy Mahowald   a.k.a. "Grizz" 
Kindred,  North Dakota   701-261-1975

This was my second hunt and will not be my last hunt with Litzen Guide Service. I hunted Moose in 2008 and Brown Bear in the fall of 2011. I have hunted in Argentina, Canada and Africa with different Guide Services. None of those compare to the effort that is put in to making sure the client has the “Hunt of a Lifetime”. The areas that Litzen has are second to none. The abundance of wildlife is incredible along with the views. I shot the 54th Bear that I saw on the 8th day of my hunt. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in the hunting industry that will be as Honest and Upfront with was is to be expected from start to finish then Litzen. Thanks, 

Mark Kawolsky Glasford, IL. (309) 208-2032


This was my second hunt with Mike Litzen Guide Service. Once again Mike and his staff did everything possible to make my hunt a success and a trip of a lifetime.  Mike goes out of his way to make sure everyone achieves their life long dreams. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have Ben Timmons as my guide again. He pushed me out of my comfort zone and I was able to take a beautiful dall sheep. Mike Litzen runs a first class guide service and I have no problem recommending Mike to anyone. Feel free to call me at 707-272-1930. I've gotten a brown bear with Mike and now a dall sheep and when it's time to book my moose hunt, Mike will be the guy I'm calling.

Ken Farris Lakeport, CA. (707) 272-1930

I wanted to let you know I had great time brown bear hunting with you and your crew. I would like to thank you again for the great guides and the service that they provided, and the way you run your business, keep up the great work. Thanks for making my 2011 Bear Hunt a Huge Success.

Billy Rugh,

Punxsutawney, PA

(814) 592-5456

I would like to thank you and my guide Jason for the effort you guys put forth on my 2011 Sheep hunt.  Your willingness to change plans as needed and the offer for the extra hunting days was much appreciated.  Even though I did not end up taking a sheep I came home with some great pictures and fond memories of chasing that old dark horned ram.  I look forward to our moose/grizzly hunt in 2012 and hopefully the opportunity to hunt sheep with you guys again sometime in the future.


Ryan Coffey San Antoni TX (210) 232-1552

When I decided to go on a Dall sheep hunt I did my homework and chose to book my hunt with Litzen Guide Service. Mike was always very professional, upfront, and honest about his guide service, the hunt area, the animals, and his expertise. More importantly though, Mike’s work doesn’t end on the phone, he works hard in the field to ensure you have a great hunt. When I arrived in the hunt camp Mike had already located the sheep, had a game plan in place, paired me with a great guide and got us both out into a spike camp. My guide Ron was first class and his hunting instincts cannot be overstated. Mike and Ron’s experience and hard work gave me the opportunity to take a great ram on the first day of the season! I left home hoping this hunt could live up to my expectations and somehow they were exceeded. If you are considering hunting in Alaska you need to talk to Mike and book your hunt with Litzen Guide Service.

Chris Dahl - Blair Wisconsin      608-317-1296





My sheep hunt was a qualified success, even though I did
not get a ram. The hunt and your operation were beyond my expectations. The logistics were great, the country was spectacular, and your team is excellent. I appreciate the dedication and concern for making my trip a success.
The true measure of any outdoor experience is the memories and how do you really feel after time has passed. For me, I experienced a great hunt, with some great people, and really that's all that matters, I fact I am planning on coming back in 2012.
Would I like to have shot a ram, you bet, this hunt is proof that you don't have to kill game to have a great hunt. Talk to you soon about 2012....

Ced Damby, Granite Bay, CA. (916) 730-3999

STOP RESEARCHING! I have already done it for you. Trust me, I spent countless hours researching outfitters, guides ect. I would say Litzen Guide Service is probably one of the most organized and seasoned outfitter, that promises little but produce over, all expectations. I experienced a successful combo hunt with my professional guide Brad. Then I spent a couple days hunting with my Dad and his friends moose hunting. When my Dads group came in with big 'ol smiles on their faces they said, "well what do you think?"  How many trips you been on that they're smiling when they come in and smiling when they leave. Mike and his extreme guides are the real deal.  Thx mike and your hard working team of guys.                                 

SHAWN TAYLOR 1-765-499-0570




Just wanted to say thanks, it was a trip of a lifetime. It was well organized and everyone that I met was top notch. My guide, Bob Dykeman did an excellent job and was great to be around. I would recommend your guide service to anyone. 


 Terry Taylor Hartford City, IN

(765) 728-2147

What a great combo hunt! I hunted with Guide Ben Thimons for Dall sheep and Moose. The first long day yielded an excellent 37" ram, a hunt I will never forget! On to Moose with the taking of a nice 59" early season Moose on the third day. Mike runs an excellent up front operation, every effort is made to provide a safe and successful hunt. His guides are all experienced no nonsense hard hunters. This was my second great trip with Litzen Guide Service; I hunted brown bear with them in May of 2010. I highly recommend Litzen Guide Service.

Ray Mahalick

Edgewood, NM. (505) 980-4297

Michael Litzen and his staff of professional guides, made my 2011 moose hunt a memorable experience. Myself and my two hunting companions all scored trophy moose. The experience of the Alaskan wilderness accompanied by excellent guides created a memorable experience. The trophy moose was icing on the cake.

Harry Landsberg

Kenton, OH

(419) 674-3595


Dear Mike,

I had no idea what to expect for my first Alaskan wildlife experience, especially hunting for the coastal brown bear.  What I experienced is more than I can put into words.  There is nothing like surviving the Alaskan elements!  What made it even better was the excellent guide service.  My guide, Joel made sure I had a great Alaskan experience and Mike along with his world class guides, Howard and Don, defined what hunting in Alaska was all about. No doubt I was hunting Alaska brown bear first class with Mike Litzen Guide Services.  My first day, within 10 minutes of walking, we were in the direct path of an on coming brown bear less than 10 yards away.  THAT WAS AWESOME!  Seven days and 50 bears later I tagged my first bear ever!  The spot, stock, and hunt was challenging but if it were easy, it wouldn't be Alaska brown bear hunting. 

I learned so much from my guide, no book or article can compare to the wealth of information my guide taught me.  I felt like I was a student of Alaska thanks to my guide from Litzen Guide Service.  I would absolutely recommend this hunt to anybody who is looking for big brown bears and not scared to hunt hard.  I look forward to my next hunt with Mike and eventually another brown bear hunt with a bow.  These guys will get you there. 

Joshua C. Spencer, Esq. - Texas Democrat 
915-422-4024 cell,  915-532-5562 office

Dear Mike,

I have hunted from South Africa and in the Arctic; from the Colorado Mountains and Sonoran Desert; there is nothing like the Alaskan hunt after the magnetic coastal brown bear.  Two years before the hunt my brother who's a wildlife biologist did the research for the premier outfitters and after the renowned research, there was nobody better than Mike Litzen.

After months of communication, my son and I arrived at the airport and were met by his first class guides, had a quick lunch and were put on the Patricia Ann which was our floating base camp for the next ten days.  Excitement was high and expectations were equally high.  On our way to anchor for the night, Mike had found a beached wale that had died and sure enough we saw a brown bear feeding on it.  We knew that was going to be Mother Natures bait.  

The first night was restless in anticipation to begin our hunt.  First morning, not more than a quarter mile away, we saw our first bear that according to all guides was a shooter (9.5 -10 feet); however, we had mechanical problems with the skiff so the bear meandered into the alders and disappeared.  That was the only problem we had but after diligent work on the skiff there was never another problem. 

First day was spent spotting bears; none were approachable so the day turned to be uneventful.  When the evening came and Josh was coming off shore, 50 yards away I could see his face with a smile from ear to ear.  His first 30 min, from 30 feet away he had his first encounter with a seven foot brown bear.  After that he saw 25 bears some shooters and some only 7.5 feet.  Trying to avoid other bears and navigating through the tundra and the alders the shooter bear (10+ feet) got away, but still he could not contain his excitement. 

On the second day, we went to the eagles nest where Mike said it was "walk in the park."  I suggest that it was not a walk in the park.  After 2 hours walking in the tundra and through the alders we got to the perch on eagles nest.  Twenty minutes later out comes a bear and it is the biggest bear Mike said he has ever seen.  Mike thought it was at least 10, close to 11 feet tall and heading our way. 

It was amazing to watch a moose and two calves as the bear walked by them on his way to his fishing hole.  Ten minutes later, another bear (9.5-10 feet) at the opposite end of the river, so within an hour we had our first dilemma.  On one side, I had a larger bear 400 yards away and smaller bear (9.5-10 feet) that was coming within shooting range.  At about 400 yards, the larger bear goes into the alders and goes to sleep; so we kept a four-hour wait.  Then I could see ptarmigans fly out on high alert, so I knew that bear was coming out and he had two choices, come to us or walk away.  And after what seemed like forever, the bear decided to walk away from us and I could see how huge his rump was.  After factoring the wind direction, we only had an hour of light and two hours to walk back to shore so we decided to come back another day.  We spent the next six days hunting various parts of Mikes hunting lease, everyday encountering bears and everyday enjoying paradise and country that God must play in, Alaska!  It was the third trip back to eagles nest that proved to be the charm.  We were on eagles nest for an hour taking in the scenery when Howard, one of Mike's guides, spotted a bear about a mile and a half coming towards us.  After watching him for two hours in various fishing holes, and discussing whether to go after him or play the odds and wait for him to come closer.  Eventually from 154 yards away my first Alaskan brown bear was on the tundra.  There was so much of this hunt that was unforgettable, watching whales, seals, watching bear fish, climbing mountains, eagles flying and plucking there dinner from the ocean and Josh's excitement with his first bear. 

Eating fresh crab and fishing halibut everyday, one thing is certain, we arrived as clients and we left as friends.  Spending over 100 hours and getting to know Mike as a guide, a hunter, a sportsman, a conservationist, a father, a husband, He made this trip a memory I will treasure till the day I die.  I am proud to call Mike my friend. I look forward to sharing more hunting camps with my hunting buddy. 

Joe Spencer - Texas Democrat
575-589-9706 home,  915-204-0955 cell

Reference List Can Be Viewed Here

Dear Mike,

The attention to detail and genuine concern for a great Alaskan experience and harvest of game really exemplified in you and the guide I was paired with. Your guide taught me so much about hunting in general that I feel that it was more like an elective class than a guided hunt. I can’t thank you and your staff enough for such a wonderful time and I would recommend Litzen guide service to anyone wanting a hunt of a life time (optional: ; the 3 years it took to save for this opportunity was worth every penny).

The first evening of scouting was more than I had anticipated; we glassed over 70 sheep and had located several legal rams and 1 grizzly. I’m not sure if the guy up stairs blessed us with these sheep or the man who did the preseason scouting (maybe both). Needless to say, after a restless night of sleep up the mountain we went, 5 hours later we were back in camp with meat hung. Believe me I know how fortunate I was to have such a great hunt, thanks again Mike for a hunt of a life time.

Drew Zimmerman, WA (253) 222-1165

2010 Sheep Hunter


I have dreamed of an Alaska Moose hunt since I was a teenager and it finally came true.  I went on a combination Moose/Grizzly hunt in 2010 with Mike Litzen.  Mike and my guide George made sure that I had a great experience. While, the weather was good for camping, sunny and warm, it was not good for  moose hunting.  But everyone had a positive attitude.  The trip was everything I hoped for and so much more!!!!!!!!  To top off the great adventure I had, on the 8th morning of a 9 day hunt I was able to get a really nice moose.  I sure hope to do another hunt with Mike Litzen some time in the future.

Klaus Leidenfrost 

Rolla, Missouri.   Cell (573) 465-0040

2010 Moose Hunter




Mike Litzen has surrounded himself with some great hardworking guides and also some good hunting areas. I was fortunate enough to have Brad Patterson as my guide and after many days of rain, wind, fog, snow, and more rain never once did he ever become discouraged.
We had a few rams move out on us early in the hunt and then lost a few more days due to weather; But we kept at it! We did see plenty of sheep and made several stalks, but had a difficult time finding a true shooter ram.
On the 13th day of my 10 day hunt we woke up and decided to go for broke on a legal ram Brad had spotted the day before up in the snow and fog. After spending all day trying to relocate him with no luck, I'll be honest and tell you my spirit was starting to break. We stopped mid-afternoon for a rest and while sitting there reflecting on our days passed; Brad looked at me and said “We still have Hope." 30 minutes later he had him in the spotting scope and the stalk was on!!
Thanks Mike for the extra days in Sheep Country it definitely helped  top off a great Alaskan Experience that I won't ever forget!!
Mark Pope-Sheep Hunt 2010
Manchester, MI

2010 Sheep Hunter


My 2010 Moose/Grizzly hunt with Litzen Guide Service was my first ever guided hunt.  Mike and his guides did a great job.  Brad, my guide for the hunt, is a top-notch hunter and a great guy to spend the hunt with.  Everyone was very professional and did their best to make it an enjoyable hunt.  In that aspect it was an absolute success.

The number of bulls seen was beyond my expectations.  We saw 10 bulls on the first day alone.  I still remember one bull in particular that we saw on three separate days.  He looked like he had two sheets of plywood attached to his head.  The unusually warm and clear weather during the late season made for tough hunting conditions.  Bulls were active for a very short time and reluctant to respond to calling.  Even with these conditions Brad was able to get us in position on two legal bulls.  They just were not what I was looking for.  Mike did everything he could to work with the conditions, including offering to move me to a new area.  While I did not harvest an animal on this hunt I still call it a success.  Mike runs a great operation and I would recommend him to anyone.

Steve Gili, Craig, Colorado     Cell (307) 389-2835

2010 Moose Hunter

I hunted with Litzen Guide service for Dall sheep in 2010. After a slow start, I ended up taking a great world class ram thanks to the hard work and dedication of my guide Jason Reinalda. Michael Litzen has top notch equipment and a great hunting area.


 Richard Martin, Lancaster,WI (608) 778-1603

2010 Sheep Hunter



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for the brown bear hunt this spring. It was the most relaxing and exciting hunt I've ever been on. It's the first hunt I've ever been on where I actually gained weight (ha)! The Patricia Ann was a slam dunk. There's nothing like eating great food, staying dry & and spotting over ten bears a day from the boat. You and your guides made the "whole experience" a hunt of a lifetime! I really mean that - Good people=Good fun. 

I'm incredibly privileged that God granted me a chance to hunt the biggest bears in the world. My bear measured 10' 1" & his skull was 27 & 7/16 -  Not bad for 3 days of hunting!

I hope to see you in the near future on a dall sheep hunt - you know, the one from the boat!

Thanks again, Peter Bouma  - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt.
Chino, CA. (951) 712-7776

My 2010 Alaskan Brown Bear Hunt was the most awesome adventure I have ever been on.  Living on the Alaskan Peninsula for eleven days was just so overwhelming, from the  whales to the eagles to the bears. We saw bears everyday. From cubs that just came out of their dens to the smoker bear I ended up getting.  Mike Litzen runs a first class guide service that I would refer to anyone that wants to get an Alaskan Brown Bear. I was lucky enough to have Ben Thimons as a guide who not only was an extraordinary guide, but a lot of fun to hunt with.

I've been on guided hunts before and I've never written a testimonial for anyone.  I really believe Litzen Guide Service is the best. That's why I'm booking a 2011 Moose Hunt with Mike.

If anyone has any questions about Mike's guide service, feel free to give me a call at (707)272-1930.

Ken Ferris  - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt.

I do appreciate everything you and your guides did to help me achieve one of my life long dreams.  The hunt exceeded my expectations and that was before I shot my bear.  It is nice to know there are still those out there that do what they say they are going to do, and really care about the "Whole" experience for their customers.  Feel free to give anyone who has any doubts about hunting with you my name and number.  I will be happy to tell them what my concerns and fears were when booking this hunt, and how you and your guides made it one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Thanks again for everything,

Rick Verbsky - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt
Black Creek WI (920) 450-7731


Thanks for the quality hunt.  Everything about the hunt was exactly what you said it would be.  Don was a great guide and everybody else was very helpful and knowledgeable.  I would recommend this hunt to anyone who would ask.  This was an adventure that I will never forget and my 9 1/2 foot bear will look great in my office!

Rick Owens - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt
Bakersfield, CA. (661) 337-0002




My thanks to Mike Litzen and  Jason Reinalda (my guide) for an incredible Alaskan Brown Bear hunt, May 2010. After Mike dropped us off on Saturday, prior to the season opener on Monday, we enjoyed a weekend of warm dry weather and spent most of the time on the beach adjacent to camp, reading and whale watching. By Monday morning the weather changed dramatically and stayed in that wet, windy state for most of the next 10 days of the hunt. Every day I saw numerous bears and eventually harvested my boar late in the hunt. Mike was great in communicating about gear preparation, travel plans and overall hunt information prior to the hunt. Jason and I worked well together in pursuit of my bear. He was well versed and extremely committed to my success. Overall, the experience with Litzen Guide Service was incredible. I hesitate to call it the 'Hunt of a Lifetime' since I plan to be back someday.


Perry Ashby - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt
Missoula Montana (406) 531-5900


Mr. Litzen,

I would like to thank you for the trip of my lifetime. I had a wonderful time on my Brown Bear hunt. This was my first big game adventure and I could not have asked for a better result. If I had to pick one word to describe my trip it would be “AWESOME.” It was unbelievable seeing and stalking the bears. I never would have imagined that this trip would have been so exciting. I loved being on the boat, catching the fish, throwing the hook and seeing all the whales and eagles. I will remember and cherish this trip and my bear for as long as I live. I cannot wait to come back and visit you for another hunt. Alaska is a fascinating place and I could not have asked for a better guide to have experienced it with. Thank you for allowing me to come on this trip. I look forward to seeing you again.

Jake Callaham, age 13,
May 2010 Brown Bear Hunt.

I hunted Spring Brown Bear with Litzen Guide Service in 2010.  The hunt was booked as a 9 day boat hunt out of Sand Point on the Alaska Peninsula.  I was unsuccessful on the boat hunt but Mike Litzen then moved me to a land camp where I was successful on day 15 0f a 16 day hunt.
All things considered, this was a great hunt.  Mike Litzen  pays attention to every detail of your hunt from the day you book it.  Every guide involved in this hunt was dedicated to each client having a safe, enjoyable, and successful hunt.  What I liked most about hunting with Mike Litzen was the honest, up front word I got when things didn't go quite as planned.  This was a hunter's hunt, and Mike and Ben Thimons(land camp guide) went out of their way to ensure I had the opportunity to be successful on this hunt.  I will hunt again with Mike Litzen. 

Ray Mahalick - 2010 Brown Bear Hunt.
Edgewood, New Mexico (505) 980-4297


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Mike, I had a great time on my hunt. Best hunt of my life. George was a wonderful guide and helped me get a beautiful bull moose. We saw six shooter bulls the
first morning. Had a chance at a grizzly too. I will be back for a sheep hunt and a grizzly hunt before too long. Thanks again for a great hunting experience.


Charles Brodrick - 2009

What a great hunt! All parties spotted 6-12 bears daily. Food was very good and the accommodations were very comfortable. Thank you Mike for a true Alaskan  brown bear hunt!   

Mike Mitchell, CO   2009

When I select an outfitter there are three things I look for: An area that has an abundance of game as well as an area that produces trophy animals. An outfitter that has strong knowledge of the area and a history of producing results. An outfitter that will go to great lengths to help me get my game. Mike excels at all three. I have hunted three times with Mike, for bear and sheep. Every time I saw lots of game and when weather or other aspects of the hunt challenged me, Mike went the extra mile to help me be successful. Many outfitters just drop you off and hope for the best. Mike takes his job seriously and will do everything possible to help you out. Even if that means some extra fly time or days in the field. Not many outfitters like him out there. I shot a great sheep on my last hunt and it was because Mike went the extra mile for you. If you hunt Alaska, you better consider Litzen!  

Marty Miller, WI    2009

Overall I must say this was the best hunt I have ever had. The trophy taken just sweetened the deal. You have a top notch outfit and you are an excellent host. Your guides are the best I have ever seen. Not taking anything away from any of them, I felt like Brad and Ben are your best and I appreciated the opportunity to hunt with either of them. It was a real pleasure to hunt with Ben. He was by far the best, most knowledgeable and hard working guide I have ever had or been around. He was a better judge of game than anyone I have hunted with. That was a real treat since I didn't feel the pressure was on me. If I held him back he never let on, but he pushed me and encouraged me enough to keep going and do my best. I hope I met his expectations. He certainly met my expectations of a guide and then some.

Jack Janicke, Jr., TX    2009

Mike Litzen runs a first class outfit. He and his team of guides work very hard to put their hunters on game. Litzen's preseason scouting really pays off, every hunter in our group got a nice ram, most in just a few days of hunting. The overall Alaska experience was awesome. I would highly recommend Litzen's service to any hunter who was serious about Dall sheep hunting. Mike was very honest about the type of hunt I would have, there were no unpleasant surprises. 

Randy Creighton, NM    2009


My bear hunting trip to Alaska was an adventure not just a hunt. As all of my hunting trips with Litzen guide services have been, the boat was comfortable and the food was fantastic, it sure beats sleeping on the ground and eating mountain house.  My guide was very knowledgeable of both the game and the Alaskan landscape. It was an experience I will always remember. Oh yea I got a GREAT BEAR.

Wesley Crow - 2009

Michael Litzen provided me with a top notch moose hunt in 2009. The quality of the hunt, work ethic of my guide and the overall experience was more thanI imagined on this trip. My guide, Jason, showed dedication and attention to detail that help me bag an awesome moose. This was by far one of my best hunting experiences. I hunted with a group of friends and enjoyed the camaraderie as well as a little competition on getting the largest trophy. As usual one of my best friends, Craig, brought down a 66" trophy and beat out my 64" moose. I guess that means the competition is still on !!! We'll be back! Thank you Michael for a first class experience; also thanks to Billy for setting up this great trip.

Kirk Rentz from Boerne TX      2009

Great experience with Mike Litzen on a sheep hunt this past August, 2009. I had my doubts about sheep hunting after spine surgery two months prior to my hunt date. But after talking to Mike about my situation he recommended using a Packer to carry any load we may have. A big THANK YOU Mike for making my hunt an enjoyable experience. Both Ron Heidemann (Guide) and Abe Henderson (Packer) took care of me like a brother. Ron knew very well how to hunt sheep. Once a legal Dall was spotted he took his time in the stalk to make absolutely sure I had a good shot. After the sheep was down Abe was a blessing carrying hide, horns and meat out. I think they could have carried me out if necessary. Great job guys. Thanks again. I’ll be back.

David Catari, NY    2009

I am pleased and complimented that Mike Litzen asked if I would write a letter referencing the recent bear (October 2009) hunt I had with him. It had always been a dream to hunt the mighty coastal Brown Bear.
I booked with Mike Litzen Outfitters and had a hunt of a lifetime. I hunted the huge bear in his native Pacific coastal tundra home; no man's country - very unforgiving and unfriendly place. This is no place for the weak at heart! This is a man's hunt.
Mike is personally and professionally committed to doing everything (within the law) to help you get a bear ie: move you from one area to another etc. He is personable, accommodating and sensitive to your personal needs and requests. He is first and foremost safety conscious. His guides have satellite phones so that they are in constant contact with one another and in the event of an emergency he has the back-up assistance of Coast Guard - boats and helicopters.
His equipment is good to excellent. He is an excellent pilot with an excellent plane and tents. He has quality accommodating guides that know the habits and nature of the bear you are hunting. They are hard working, doing everything they can to help you get your bear. They will hunt you as hard as you want to go. They are knowledgeable and hard working men with a lot of grit - no quit in any of them. They all stress safety.
Remember when you're hunting out of tent camp you are not going to a church picnic. You can bet your last dollar the Pacific winds will blow! It will be wet and maybe cold.
Mike has an excellent area to hunt and there will be bear wherever he hunts you! Generally speaking your chances are good to excellent that you will get a shot at a bear.
I am a young 72 year old who had the time of his life, 15 nights and 14 days of unforgettable memories. My guide, George, became my new friend and did everything but pull a big bear out of a hat for me to shoot. We saw 9 different bear, two shooters and had bears on the beach in front of our camp area every night.
I was not fortunate enough to get in shooting distance of either of the two big bears I saw, but what a hunt! I was even extended several days because we experienced a five day storm with 23 to 28 foot waves, 50 knot wind and rain like you were in a shower. What an experience!
I am forever indebted to Mike Litzen for the exciting brown bear hunt I had the opportunity to experience. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions. I would be happy to share my bear hunt experience with you.

Richard Yenchesky, MI   2009

The years of anticipation for my first sheep hunt was a feeling I will never forget & once in Mike Litzen’s Camp, the feeling turned to excitement!  And let me tell you, it’s nice to see base camp with well organized necessities, provisions, and a spit shined Super Cub which fell just short of perfection for lack of “ArmorAll” on the tires. 

August of 2009 was there before I knew it and I was sitting in Mike’s camp.  Off to the hills I went and you would not believe it: Two days of scouting and a pattern seemed to be developing, as on day one of hunting I found myself staring down the gun barrel at a beautiful Ram.  My guide Ron took me on stealthy stock & calculated every move these particular sheep made.  Literally all I had to do was keep up, and shoot straight. There he was, 200 yards 45 degrees below us. Ron was able to size him up & once he was confident the ram was legal (which didn’t take him long), he told me to hold at 100 to compensate for the angle and let one fly.  I did, in fact, I let two fly!  This MT elk hunter was ready to let #3 & #4 fly as the sheep was still standing. Two was all it took.  We made quick work of the cape and butchering, I think taking pictures took longer!  I’m still sore from the ear-to-ear grin I adorned that day.  I can’t wait to go back!

I can’t say enough good things about Mike Litzen’s Camp, guides, equipment, and his pure devotion to get tags filled.  I was recommend to Mike by a great friend of mine who is an Alaskan Resident and hunter & for that recommendation I owe him as the hunt proved to be way above my expectations!

One Happy Hunter
Donnie Olsson - Bozeman MT.   2009
Please have anyone call me anytime!!  406-570-8859

"Mike was very up front about what to expect from the area, risks of weather, quantity and quality of game, and also his staff and services.  Everything was top notch.  I could not have imagined a more enjoyable hunt."

 Lynn Johnson - Hannaford, ND
(Took these 4 trophies on a 14 day hunt in 2008)




"After an incredible moose hunt in 2007 with Michael Litzen, the quest for a dall sheep began.  With many months of physical conditioning behind me, I arrived in Alaska for the hunt. Even though I had trained hard, I was in no shape to endure the challenges facing me in the Alaskan Wilderness. Upon deplaning, my guide Ben Timmons should have told me "big boy get back on the plane you are not ready to sheep hunt."  Instead, Ben and Mike Litzen went to great lengths to accommodate me with this mentally and physically exhausting hunt and most importantly their expert knowledge of this rugged wilderness guided me to my goal of taking a big dall sheep.

On the seventh day of a magical hunt, a fourteen year old dall sheep was spotted.  After a twelve hour uphill stalk with Ben's words of encouragement, I was successful in taking this incredible sheep, 38.5 " X 14".

For the third consecutive year, my friends and I have booked our 2009 hunt with Litzen Guide Service..."

Billy Canavan, Comfort, TX.


"I was looking for three things on my Dall sheep hunt - a true backpack experience, an area with a good number of legal rams, and great logistics.
Mike truly exceeded my expectations. The area held good numbers of mature rams, the equipment was top notch, and the guide was experienced and knowledgeable. More importantly I felt very safe flying with Mike at all times. I took a beautiful 37" by 14" ram to top off a great hunt.  You can’t ask for more!  I would highly recommend hunting with Litzen Guide Service to anyone."

Brendan Burns , Livingston, MT.



This was an awesome 2008 trip. Outstanding start to finish, lots of bears and wildlife.  From the preparation of the hunt to the stalk and the trophy care, the professionalism of my experienced guide, met all of my expectations.

Michael and his staff were there to assist with every detail. A successful Alaskan bear hunt has been a dream of a lifetime come true.

Thanks, Mike Promisco - Bozeman, MT.



Mike, I would like to thank you for the wonderful experiences over the years. From the bears to the sheep to the moose hunts… It has always been a truly blessed encounter.

You have a world class operation and outstanding guides. I have hunted all over and have never found an individual that is as concerned for your client’s overall hunting experience. Your dedication to the wildlife and client is what puts you in a class of your own. Thanks for all the memories and the ones to come.  Best Wishes,


John Callaham - Broken Bow OK



  "Superb, hunt of a lifetime, trophy, professionals.  These are just a few words or phrases that will describe Litzen Guide Service.  Whether hunting at Michael’s camp in the Alaskan Range or on the Alaskan Peninsula, you are literally in for a hunt of a lifetime.

     Michael and his guides not only are professional hunters, but conservationists.  They go above and beyond to ensure you get the best quality animal.

     I personally have hunted the Alaskan range four times, harvesting Dall Sheep, Moose, Wolves and a Grizzly bear.  Then one trip to the Peninsula and harvested a true "bear of a lifetime".  I can honestly say they were "hunts of a lifetime".

     Not only are the game animals unparalleled but the unspoiled beauty of the true Alaskan bush is unbelievable.  On a late season moose hunt I literally watched winter approach and the unbelievable foliage change in a nine day period!  Mother Nature and her art work, breathtaking views of Denali and Mt. Foraker. 

     Join Master Guide Michael Litzen and his crew and experience hunting the way it was meant to be!"

Cades Pope - Sonora TX




I hunted with Mike Litzen in September 2002 and September 2007.  My first hunt was for moose and caribou and second hunt  was for moose and grizzly bear. I have harvested two moose and one caribou.  I saw plenty of sign of grizzly bear, but no bear appeared during shooting hours. came close to a pack of wolves but they were hidden in cover of trees across the river.

The hunts are basically spot and stalk type of hunts. Also we would sit on high spot and use calls to draw game into range. The hunts are what I call a true wilderness hunt where camps were a two man tent to a wall type tent. The trips were what I expected them to be where you see Alaskan wilderness and some of the Alaskan animals. Mike and his staff made the trips very enjoyable. The biggest problem I had was getting in the best shape possible for the hunts. The guides kept the hunting at a pace I could handle. I would recommend Mike Litzen (Litzen Guide Service) to anyone who wants to experience an enjoyable Alaskan hunting experience.

Paul  Erickson - Langford,  South  Dakota



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14-day sheep grizzely combo



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