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Incidental Alaska Hunt Species
Wolf, Black Bear, Wolverine

We offer hunting for these incidental species in combination with Litzen Guide Service's other major species hunts. Hunting takes place in the heart of prime country just outside Denali National Park, in Alaska's beautiful interior. In this area, moose, caribou, grizzly bear, sheep, black bear, wolf and wolverine are available in the same season. Each season several Litzen Guide Service clients are lucky and harvest wolves and other incidental species.

Alaska Wolf
Wolf - 2017

alaska black bear
Black Bear - 2017

Black Bear - 2014

alaska wolverine
Wolverine - 2012

Wolf - 2011

Black Bear - 2010


Ralf Hambrugge, Germany 2009

Wolf - 2018

Alaska Black Bear Hunt
Black Bear - 2017

alaska wolf
Wolf - 2017

Wolf - 2014

Wolf - 2013

Wolf 2009


Wolf 2008

Wolverine & Wolf available on any hunt in season at no cost.

Black Bear hunts are only available in combination with other species or on a trophy fee basis.


14-Day 1X1 Sheep/Grizzly Combo Hunt
(August 28 - Sept. 10)
(please discuss with Michael other species available for this hunt)    
2019 ...............$24,500

14-Day 1X1 Sheep/Grizzly Combo Hunt
(August 28 - Sept. 10)
(please discuss with Michael other species available for this hunt)    
2020 ...............$26,750

Incidental harvest by trophy fee available:  

2019 & 2020:
Caribou $6,500, Black Bear $3,500.
No fee or tag required for wolf.

Non-Hunter Rates:

2019: Non-Hunter Rate (per day) $400
2020: Non-Hunter Rate (per day) $450

It is recommended for all hunters to schedule on extra day in Anchorage at the end of their hunt to facilitate arrangements with service providers for meat and trophy care.

Hunt Agreement - Terms & Conditions
Download, Print & Read

Assumption of Risks & Liability Release
Download, Print & Read

Included in Hunt Rates: 1X1 guide service, meals, main and spike camp accommodations, trophy care (In field) and transportation during hunt..

Not Included in Hunt Rates:

Gratuity: 8 - 10%. If you are pleased with your personal guides service, show your appreciation!

Transportation from Anchorage: Fly to McGrath with Ravn Alaska - Non-Refundable Price Approximately $356 Round Trip.

Charter out to hunting lodge: Fly with Litzen Guide Service - approximately $1,200 round trip based on two passengers.

License & Tags - Unlimited tags are available online or can be purchased upon arrival in Anchorage.

Alaska Big Game Tag & License Prices: license @ $160,  brown/grizzly bear @ $1000,  moose @ $800,  sheep @ $850, caribou @ $650,  black bear @ $450,  wolverine @ $350, wolf @ $60,  tags may be used on any animal of equal or lesser value. These fees subject to change.
Harvest Tickets should be acquired at the same time as your tags. (Moose, Caribou, Sheep) 



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Phone: (907) 776-5868

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